New teacher representatives elected to the University Board

27 November 2015

Christer Nordlund, Lars Nyberg and Kristin Palmqvist have been elected teacher representative to the University Board of Directors for the upcoming three-year period. Additionally, Marie Wiberg and Christina Lindén have been elected first and second group deputy members.

Teacher representatives to the University Board from the left Christer Nordlund, Lars Nyberg, Kristin Palmqvist, Marie Wiberg and Christina Lindén.

Foto: Umeå University

"The new board members supplement each other well as regards to experience, qualifications and viewpoints. The all have vast knowledge of the university's prerequisites and perspectives," says Heidi Hansson, Head of the Election Committee, who is impressed with all nominated candidates.

On 26 November, the Election Committee at Umeå University appointed three new board members as teacher representatives as well as two new group deputy members. All will be a part of the University Board from 1 January 2016. The election was preceded by open nominations from university staff members and a preparatory process by the Election Committee of the Elector Assembly.

"The Election Committee has attached great importance to the members having the ability and desire to represent teachers as a collective group, and be interested in developing forms of gaining support from and collaborate with the university's teachers. All new members have fulfilled these strict requirements of ours," says Heidi Hansson.

The following people will constitute the University Board teacher representatives from 1 Januari 2016–31 December 2018:

Ordinary members:

  • Christer Nordlund, professor, History of Science and Ideas
  • Lars Nyberg, professor, Department of Integrative Medical Biology*
  • Kristin Palmqvist, professor, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science

* Lars Nyberg enters the board on 1 April 2016 in order for the present member Professor Mari Norgren to fulfill her duties as a member of the Reqruiting Committe for the appointment of the new Vice-Chancellor.

Group deputy members in the following order of appointment:

First group deputy member:

  • Marie Wiberg, professor, Umeå School of Business and Economics

Second group deputy member:

  • Christina Lindén, professor, Department of Clinical Sciences

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