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Aktum no. 1, 2019.

Photo: Ulrika Bergfors

Common basic values is the theme for Aktum no. 1, 2019. The cover portrays Felipe Cava, research fellow at the Department of Molecular Biology, featured as the Aktum profile in this issue.

Over the last couple of years, two extensive administrative projects have been carried out at Umeå University.

In early April, the University Board approved a new vision and in late May, the book, brochure and films on the university's common basic values were launched. Read more in the spring issue of Aktum.

Also, criticism against Plan S and A day at the Police Education can be found.

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No. 1 2019 (English)

No. 1 2019 (Swedish)

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Photo: Ulrika Bergfors Kriström

Aktum is the Umeå University staff magazine, published in both Swedish and English versions and distributed to all employees.

In 2018, two issues of Aktum have been released.

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