Mobility Grants for Internationalisation

29 August 2019

The aim of the Mobility Grants for Internationalisation programme is to strengthen Swedish research and higher education by developing and establishing international partnerships. The programme supports projects of high scientific quality which are clearly contributing to the activities of participating educational establishments.

Application deadline is 27 September at 15:00.

Projects may last for up to three years. Applicants should be employed by, and active, at a university in Sweden and have obtained their PhD. The proposed project must encompass at least one Swedish and at least one foreign party. Applicants may have on-going projects in the Initiation Grants programme, but otherwise there must not be any on-going STINT projects. The ideal partnership project will have activities encompassing research as well as higher education, although STINT is able to support pure research partnerships. It is of particular importance for young researchers and doctoral students to participate in the exchanges. In this programme, STINT wants to encourage new collaborative patterns and will not prioritise long-standing partnerships. The partnership must be balanced, i.e . the benefits and the personnel exchange should not be primarily in one direction. Applications will be assessed by experts, focusing on how the proposed international partnership fulfils the following three criteria:

  • Contribution to the educational establishments' internationalisation
  • Scientific quality and novelty
  • Planning and support

Please note that only scientific results from the last five years are taken into consideration for the assessment.

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