Calls for applications within Internationalisation

12 August 2019

Committee for Strategic Internationalisation invites applications for activities within internationalisation. Apply no later than October 1, 2019.

Application deadline is 2019-10-01.
Follow instructions for application and reporting provided at the end of the document.

I. Grant for an international stay during doctoral studies

This call is for an academic visit (≥3 weeks) at a university abroad during doctoral studies. The international research milieu at the host university should benefit the dissertation and have potential for a future post-doc. Supervisor's support is obligatory and a pass in 50 % seminar is meritorious. Maximum of 25 000 SEK will be awarded.

II. Grant for an international stay preparing for a post-doc

This call is for an academic visit at a university abroad in order to prepare for a post-doc application. Can be applied for during doctoral studies or within two years of dissertation. Maximum of 15 000 SEK will be awarded.

III. Grant for mobility during post-doc

This call is for a research visit (≥3 weeks) at a university abroad, within three years of dissertation. Maximum of 25 000 SEK will be awarded.

IV. Grant for developing of courses/modules in English

This call is for developing courses/modules in English within the faculties study programmes; comprising of internal development and/or in cooperation with an international institution. Maximum of 30 000 SEK will be awarded.

V. Grant for establishing student and staff mobility

This call is for activities that enable student and staff mobility with international institutions, for the faculty's undergraduate and graduate level study programmes. Maximum of 25 000 SEK will be awarded.

Instructions for application and reporting

Eligible to apply are doctoral students (I-II) and/or staff at the Faulty of Medicine or employees of County Councils of the northern region (II-V). Applicants are limited to ONE application. Note that co-financing is meritorious and overhead costs will not be deducted from the awarded grant.

Application should be sent to Mention in the subject the Call's register number (FS 2.1.6-1252-19), the grant applied for (I-V) and the applicant's name.

Application should be of maximum one A4 page and include a one-page CV (Georgia font 10). Mention the Call's register number, one of the grants applied to (I-V), applicant name and personal ID number, department/unit, email and mobile, time/date of dissertation (I-III), intended international university and the contact person (not required for IV), planned activities and expected benefits and budget, including any co-financing (mention name and amount of the sponsor). Mention who has approved the application: supervisor (I & II), head of department (II-III) or Chair of Program Council (IV-V).

Instruction for the one-page CV

Academic degree: year, subject, and university; doctoral degree: year, subject, university, doctoral thesis title and the supervisor; post-doc stays: year and placement; current employment: duration and share of research in employment; previous employments: type of employment and duration; interruptions in research: time period and reason; supervision: student theses, doctoral students and post-docs.


Report of a maximum one A4 page including an accounting of finances (Georgia font 10), is to be submitted to the email below within 1 month of conclusion of the activity, but no later than 2020-12-31. Successful applicants are expected to share their experiences within the faculty.

With questions regarding the call, or for any issue related to Internationalisation;


Anneli Ivarsson, professor
International Director, Faculty of Medicine

Wasif Ali
Faculty Coordinator, Dean's Office

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