Stint announces strategic grants for internationalisation

13 January 2022

Stint announces grant for strategic internationalisation initiatives that at the same time take advantage of individuals' experience and commitment at the university.

Academic actors play an important role in a rapidly changing world facing global and local challenges. Academic freedom, openness and international collaboration are all ingredients facilitating sustainable development.

Internationalisation brings opportunities to enhance education, strengthen research and support innovation and services. Ambitious and creative strategic internationalisation initiatives are demanding but often also rewarding. With Strategic Grants for Internationalisation, STINT contributes to such initiatives at university level.

All applications are sent to Ingrid Svensson, Head of the International Office, by 25 February. The International Office compiles the applications and prepares proposals for the Vice-Chancellor, who decides which project proposal or proposals are sent to Stint.

More information about the announcement on Stint's webpage.

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