Support for Ukrainian researchers

21 March 2022

As of mid-March, almost three million people have fled Ukraine following Russia's invasion of the country. Several actors are now taking initiatives to support researchers coming to Sweden.

Researchers fleeing the war in Ukraine can now get help to come to universities here in Sweden, both through financial grants and other efforts. On this page, we list some of the current supports:

Scholars at Risk

The international network Scholars at Risk (SAR) works to help researchers in need of protection. Umeå University is a member of the network, and the local working group is intensifying its internal work on planning and coordinating the reception of SAR researchers.

If you are contacted by a researcher who needs help, please refer them to SAR.

For questions regarding SAR at Umeå University, please contact Helena Gradin at the International office.

Read more about Scholars at Risk


Support from Riksbankens Jubilumsfond (RJ) and Formas via Scholars at Risk

For those of you who want to welcome Ukrainian researchers to your research environment, it is now possible to apply for up to 50 percent co-financing from Formas and RJ via the Swedish section of Scholars at Risk (SAR).

The application must contain:

  • A short description of the researcher and of the receiving research team/department. Please highlight the connection between the parties and how your department can contribute to the researcher's continued growth.
  • The start and end date of the employment.
  • A compilation of costs for receiving the researcher (salary, overheads, and any travel allowance for the researcher to travel to Sweden).
  • An account of how Umeå University, as the host university, intends to co-finance the researcher.

With regard to Formas, the research project or research group in which the researcher is involved must fall within Formas' areas of responsibility, ie the environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning. To be eligible for funding through RJ, the researcher must be active in either the humanities or social sciences.

Send your application to Helena Gradin at the International Office, and she will forward it to SAR-Sweden. You can also turn to her if you have any questions.

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

In a call that is open throughout 2022, SSF allocates SEK 30 million to Ukrainian researchers who want to conduct their research in Sweden. The money can be applied for by Ukrainian citizens with a doctoral degree who are employed at Swedish universities to conduct research in science, technology or medicine.

Read more about SSF's individual grants for Ukrainian researchers

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)

Ukrainian researchers can apply for grants from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to make it easier to work in Sweden during the war. The grant allows researchers to receive up to SEK 20,000 per month to cover living, travel and other expenses associated with the temporary relocation of their research.

Read more about KVA's announcement

The Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF)

The association allocates a total of SEK 10 million to give SSMF researchers the opportunity to welcome guest researchers from war-torn Ukraine. The support is paid in the form of scholarships of between SEK 18,000–28,000 per month to students, doctoral students and postdocs who are active in medical research.

Read more about SSMF's scholarships (in Swedish)

The Wenner-Gren Foundations

Swedish researchers who act as hosts for visiting researchers from Ukraine can from now on apply for a scholarship of SEK 28,000 a month from the Wenner-Gren Foundations. The application can be made at any time during the year, and notification is usually given within one month. As the scholarships are intended to make it easier for researchers who have fled the war to work at a Swedish institution, the researchers in question must have arrived in Sweden after February 24.

Read more about the Wenner-Gren Foundations' scholarships (in Swedish)


To support Ukrainian researchers, the European Commission is now launching a new web portal, ERA4Ukraine. The portal brings together various initiatives at EU level, per country and from non-governmental groups. It aims to help affected researchers find housing and job opportunities, facilitate the recognition of their diplomas, and offer other services.

MSCA projects are encouraged to post their vacancies for Ukrainian researchers through the "Science4Refugees" tab in the portal.

Read more about ERA4Ukraine 


The EMBO organisation has posted a list on its website where life science researchers from all over the world can sign up to offer Ukrainian scientists workplaces in their labs. Through the Solidarity List, as EMBO calls it, interested parties can also offer things like office space, accommodation or help with contacts.

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