Call funding for organising scientific seminars 2023

27 January 2023

The Strategic Board for Research (FON) at the Faculty of Medicine opens a call for funding for organising local, in Umea or in the Northern medical region, scientific seminars (half- to full-day symposiums).

The faculty aims to encourage thematic/cross-disciplinary activities that promote interactions between researchers, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows - preferably with international elements if possible. Note that you cannot apply for funding for a regular seminar series or an annual research conference.

The purpose of the funds is to give doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to arrange scientific seminars to expose and discuss their research with experienced researchers through, for example, poster sessions or oral presentations.

Eligible to apply

Eligible to apply are doctoral students admitted at the Faculty of Medicine and postdoctoral fellows affiliated (anknutna) with the Faculty of Medicine. The application is made in consultation with and must also be approved by the applicant's head of department and the supervisor.

An application may comprise 15 000-30 000 SEK (including indirect funds for overhead, however, not for indirect funds at the departmental level (IGEM)) for contribution to costs such as coffee and lunch (not dinner), streaming, travel grants for external lecturers etc.

The application must contain the following:

  1. Preliminary program with information on theme/activity
  2. Information regarding the target group for the symposium
  3. Brief justification for how the symposium strengthens research interactions and how this promotes doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows
  4. Budget with estimated costs and information on co-financing (if any)

The application may be written in Swedish or English.

The application in the form of a PDF-file is emailed to Applications are received on an ongoing basis up to and including November 30, 2023. Decisions are made by the Chair or the Vice Chair of FON.

For any questions, contact Chair Anna Arnqvist,

Please note that Umeå university's rules for internal representation must be followed.

This document has been translated into English. In case of divergence of meaning between the English and Swedish wording of this document, the Swedish wording shall prevail.

Call funding for organising scientific seminars 2023