Upcoming defences of doctoral theses

The notification of the date of the defence of a doctoral thesis takes place at least three weeks in advance by nailing the doctoral thesis on the University's official notice board. This takes place at the University Library.

In our calendar, you can read about upcoming doctoral thesis.

  • August 2022
    • 29

      Monday 29 August


      Functional Brain Imaging of Sensorimotor Dysfunction and Restoration.

  • September 2022
    • 16

      Friday 16 September


      Middle ear mechanics – Using temporal bone experiments to improve clinical methods.

    • 23

      Friday 23 September


      Health assessment of sustainable transport solutions in urban environments

  • October 2022
    • 7

      Friday 7 October


      Valid causal inference in high dimensional and complex settings

    • 28

      Friday 28 October


      Geometric distortions in MRI based radiotherapy and PET/MRI.

  • November 2022
    • 4

      Friday 4 November


      Magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging after brachial plexus injury and repair: Experimental and clinical study.

    • 25

      Friday 25 November


      Mapping viruses in non-malignant tonsils, nasal polyps, sinonasal inverted papilloma and laryngeal cancer.

Erik Vesterberg