Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme for teachers and students at Higher Education Institutions (HEI) who teach or study at first-cycle or second cycle level.

Through international exchange and cooperation, the programme aims to contribute to higher quality in education. The purpose is to stimulate Swedish universities collaboration with universities in low and middle income countries to increase Swedish University internationalisation, as well as help expand the recruitment base of young people who can work in development cooperation.

The Linnaeus-Palme programme is financed by Sida and administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Linnaeus-Palme consists of two aspects:

  • Linnaeus-scholarships for teachers and students from Sweden who teach or study in low or middle income countries.
  • Palme-Scholarships for teachers and students from low and middle income countries who teach or study in Sweden.

Funds within the Linnaeus-Palme programme are not intended cover all expenses. Each higher education institution is expected to finance a certain portion themselves. Granted funds may only be used for the activities that were approved according to the application and the provisions of the agreement.

One programme - two parts

Linnaeus-Palme Planning

Usually an exchange is initiated with mutual planning trips in order to further plan prospective teacher and student exchange. The department at Umeå University and the department at the partner university discusses the objectives of the exchange, as well as quality assurance of prospective exchange. The programme provides support for visits of a maximum of two participants from each institution. At least one of the visiting participants must be a teacher who conducts education. The application for the planning trip need not be included within the scope of the University's application. It can be sent directly to the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Read the instructions through the link below thoroughly, before submitting your application (online).

Linnaeus-Palme (in Swedish)

Linnaeus-Palme Partnership

This application covers teacher exchange, student exchange, and other activities such as a language course before a teacher exchange, an evaluation trip, thematic seminars, digital initiatives, and visa trips for Palme participants.

It is not possible to only apply for funding for evaluation trips, the trips must be part of a project including exchanges.

The number of exchanges applied for in total, must be apportioned among students and teachers, i.e the number of participating teachers and students from each institution must be consistent. 

New to the call for 2020: The minimum period for teacher exchange is 2 weeks (instead of 3 weeks), and it will be possible to apply for funds for 4+4 teachers. It will also be possible to apply for other activities found suitable by the higher education institution, for example: including other staff in mobilities, workshops, digital initiatives, seminar activities or such, which contributes to the aim of the project and strengthens reciprocity in the partnership. 

Projects including teacher mobility only can be granted. 

Projects that receive more than SEK 300,000 will be audited.

The project period starts at the date of approval (2020) and ends 31 March 2022.

Number of participants: maximum 4+4 teachers and 4+4 students.

Teacher Exchange

Teacher exchange covers full-time teaching, 10 hours/week, within the regular teaching at first-cycle or second cycle level. This can include lectures, seminars, and group and individual supervision. The teacher does not have to be employed by the department.

A teacher exchange spans 2 weeks to 8 weeks and one may apply for funding for travel and subsistence. Shorter exchanges are not granted and can lead to a demand for repayment. See the programme guidelines and criteria for valid expenses for teacher exchange. 

Student Exchange

Student exchange should provide the students from Umeå University, and the students from developing countries, an international experience, meritorious academic experience and understanding of other cultures. Students that wish to apply do so directly with their department. The department select the students that may go on an exchange. The selected students receive a scholarship to cover the additional costs incurred during the exchange period. It is possible to apply for additional funding for visa travel expenses for Palme students.

Terms of student exchange

A student who is enrolled at the undergraduate or advanced level at the sending institution, or equivalent, and who has studied at least one year at university level can participate in a student exchange.

  • A student exchange must comprise of full-time studies, on bachelor's or master's level, at the respective department and span over at least 10 weeks and a maximum of 40 weeks. At least 10 weeks must be defined as exchange studies, and generate academic credits. 
  • The credits must be transferred to the students education.
  • A Linnaeus-student has to be a Swedish citizen or have a permanent residence permit in Sweden, alternatively be a Nordic citizen who has been registered with the Swedish Tax Agency at least a year before the exchange.
  • A Linnaeus-student must be entitled to financial aid for studies.
  • A Palme student need to have citizenship in one of the countries on the list of approved partner countries to be able to take part in the exchange.
  • Tuition fees cannot be charged for the exchange.
  • Staff or PhD students cannot participate in student exchanges.

Additional funding for participants with disabilities

It is possible for the home University to apply for additional funding for participants with disabilities to cover costs for special needs.

Administration grant

Exchange projects that are granted funding receives a standard 8,000 SEK for administration costs.

In addition, the Swedish Council for Higher Education grants

  • 1,000 SEK per project participant for teacher exchange.
  • 3,000 SEK extra for each project participating Palme-teacher, for additional costs linked to special income tax for foreign residents - SINK.
  • 2,000 SEK per project participant in student exchange.
  • 12,000 SEK in audit funds for projects granted 300,000 SEK or more.

The administration grant can be used to cover costs for audit, salary for project administration, costs related to activities aimed to recruit students and teachers to the project, and indirect costs (OH).

Application Linnaeus-Palme Partnership

The application round opens 2 March 2020.

Note that there are two deadlines for the application: you need to hand in the application to the International Office no later than 26 March 2020 and you need to submit the application to the Swedish Council for Higher Education no later than 14 April 2020 at 12:00 pm.

Read the instructions thoroughly before starting the application process.

  1. Establish the project at your department/faculty and request a confirmation from your prefect.
    Confirmation form
  2. Fill in the application and print out the application overview. All parts must be filled out.
  3. Send the overview, and confirmation from your prefect, to Umeå University's Coordinator, Monika Larsson at International Office, latest by 26 March 2020.
  4. The coordinator will file the project, along with the University's compilation of application.
  5. The Vice-Chancellor approves the University's compilation.
  6. The coordinator sends out the signed compilation to all the project managers.
  7. You attach a copy of the signed compilation to the departments application, before you submit it to the Swedish Council of Higher Education (UHR). Remember to attach the current statement from the partner University.

Last date to submit the application, along with the attached statement from your partner University and the signed compilation, to the Swedish Council of Higher Education (UHR) is 14 April 2020 12:00 pm. Incomplete applications may not be supplemented after the deadline.

Application, and the handbook with information concerning the application, is available (in Swedish):
Linnaeus-Palme Partnership

Applications must be submitted to Monika Larsson at International Office latest by 26 March 2020.

Team for internationalisation

Internationaliseringsforum on Teams is aimed at departmental and faculty international contacts. It is also suitable for members of staff working with internationalisation in other ways.

For support with work related to exchange studies, as well as student, teacher and staff mobility.

Contact details

Monika Larsson
International Office