The role of a International Contact Person

All departments participating in an exchange programme must have an International Contact Person. On this page you can find information about what is expected of you in your role and what help you can receive.

As an international contact person, you will:

Within your department

  • Be the contact person in matters concerning student, teacher and staff mobility.
  • Inform students, teachers and staff about exchange opportunities.
  • Enter new exchange agreements and update agreements in Solemove.
  • Have basic knowledge of the various exchange programmes that regulate student, teacher and staff mobility at Umeå University.
  • Forward information from the International Office and other external agencies in the field of internationalisation to students and teachers.

For outgoing exchange students

  • Announce exchange places within the department's own agreements.
  • Sign the Learning Agreement together with the outgoing students.
  • Inform about scholarship opportunties available for students going outward on exchange.
  • Inform students about the Student UT insurance policy.

It occurs on occasion that departments "borrow" exchange places from each other, e.g. a student at the Department of Chemistry goes on an exchange agreement signed by the Department of Physics. If a student goes on an exchange agreement with your department and decides to cancel their exchange - it is important that you notify the department where the student is studying.

For incoming exchange students

  • Forward application and nomination instructions from the International Office to the department's partner universities.
  • Create an account for your partner universities in Solemove, if this does not already exist. Instructions for this can be found at via this link (in Swedish).
  • Inform students and partner universities about Student IN.
  • Review specific eligibility for the courses offered by your department, if requested by the Admissions Office. To check eligibility, you need to have access to the NyA web system as students' qualifications are uploaded there, e.g. course curricula vitae. If you do not have authorisation, you can request it by filling in the form Request for user authorisation in the NyA web: Study administration system - NyA.

Enquiries about specific eligibility need to be answered as soon as possible, as a decision on ineligibility means that Admissions must request a new selection from the student, which can take time.

Support and assistance

The International Office can provide you with:

  • Information about how the different exchange programmes work.
  • Further information from the Swedish Council for Higher Education.
  • General advice on the process of writing agreements.
  • Access to a network of international contact persons. Network meetings are organised about 2 times per semester. Invitations are sent out in the newsletter from the International Office and can also be found on the Internationalisation Forum. Registration is normally done via the university's education portal Eduadmin.
  • General information material about exchange studies and traineeship.

The International Admissions Office can provide you with:

  • Information about how the admissions process works.
  • Information about education systems in other countries and help with interpreting transcripts.

As an information provider to students, teachers and staff, you can find more information on:

  • The Study Abroad website, which is aimed at Umeå University students who want to go on exchange. Here you will find information in both Swedish and English about exchange programmes and scholarships.
  • Solemove (page in Swedish) where both students and staff can find information about which partner universities Umeå University has.
  • The International Student Guide for incoming exchange students. Here you will find practical information in English about what it is like to study at Umeå University and live in Sweden.
  • (site in Swedish) where you can read more about what different exchange programmes and collaborations entail.

International Contact Persons

A list of international contact persons at departments and faculties is available on the student website:
List of international contact persons


The Internationalisation Forum on Teams is intended for international contact persons at departments and faculties, but also for those who work with internationalisation issues in another role.

For support in the work with exchange studies such as student, teacher and staff mobility.