Doctoral students' work environment

This seminar is a part of the Development programme for doctoral students and is aimed at all supervisors participating in the programme.

This seminar aims at providing supervisors with a basic understanding of the University's work environment efforts as well as the supervisors' role in ensuring a good organisational and social work environment for the doctoral students they work with.

Seminar content

The seminar is based upon the University's Work Environment and Equal Opportunities Policy from 2019. This policy aims to provide guidelines for the work environment strivings and should overall describe the working conditions and work environment in the organisation, and how these conditions should be formed.

Read the Work Environment and Equal Opportunities Policy

The seminar consists of a combination of introductory lectures and discussions, in which the following issues will be discussed:

  • What is the current regulatory framework?
  • Who is responsible for organisational and social work environment at different levels?
  • What role and obligations do supervisors have when it comes to the doctoral students' organisational and social work environment?
  • What support is available for supervisors in situations where doctoral students have work environment-related problems?
  • And what is the role and function of the occupational health care services, Feelgood?

The seminar is organised by the Human Resources Office and is part of the Development Programme for Doctoral Education at Umeå University, which aims, among other things, to better support admitted doctoral students to complete their doctoral education and lay a foundation for a long and sustainable working life in a competitive academic environment.

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