Study plans

Each postgraduate subject has a general study plan and each doctoral student must have an individual study plan with individual learning objectives.

General study plan

Each subject for doctoral studies has a general study plan. This regulates the main content and structure of the programme, the eligibility requirements and the criteria applied to the selection and assessment of applicants.

It also contains a description of the compulsory elements, the distribution between the thesis credits and course credits and subject-specific learning outcomes, as well as whether it is possible to finish the studies with a licentiate degree.

Individual study plan

Each doctoral student shall have an individual study plan. At Umeå University, there is a university-wide template for the individual study and funding plan with a follow-up which the faculties and departments have supplemented. This is a tool for planning and monitoring each doctoral student's studies. It shall be followed up at least once a year, when the doctoral student and the supervisor will discuss together how the studies are progressing. Doctoral students admitted after 1 January 2014 will also have a reference group meeting in conjunction with the annual follow-up. The doctoral student and the supervisor will sign the individual study plan when it is initially drawn up on the commencement of the studies, and then at each follow-up.

Ester Roos-Engstrand