Handle complaints and feedback

This is what to do if a student has complaints or comments regarding their education or study environment.

Complaints may include, for example, grading, supervision, quality of education, processing times and the like. A starting point when a student has a complaint is that it should primarily be handled and resolved as close to its source as possible to enable the university to quickly correct mistakes and/or mishandling or clear up misunderstandings.

How to

The student should contact the person concerned by the case, for example their teacher at the programme or a person who has an overall area of responsibility, such as course coordinator, programme coordinator, study counsellor or director of studies. If the student has contacted the wrong person, help the student by giving the correct contact information

The person responsible for the question receives the student's complaint or feedback and investigate whether any mistakes/mishandling need to be corrected or clear up misunderstandings on the matter.

If the case concerns violations, harassment, sexual harassment or disciplinary matters, there is special handling and information. Harassment, sexual harassment or violations and disciplinary matters.

If the student is not satisfied with the decision

If a student is not satisfied with the solution offered, the student can send a letter outlining their case and what they want to happen and send to registrator@umu.se. It will then be a registered case that gets a designated administrator. Who is appointed administrator is determined by the type of case. If the matter needs to be handled by the department, it may be sent back to the department, which then needs to handle the case but in a more formal form.
The student can also appeal certain cases to a higher court. See what applies in the Order of Appeal Proceedings

The student who is still not satisfied with the university's management can turn to one of the university's supervisory authorities. See in particular the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) and the Ombudsman for Justice (JO).

The Student Union can be a support to the student

Students can turn to their student union for support and help with a complaint case. The student unions at Umeå University represent students within their respective responsibilities. There are, among other things, student representatives and student work environment representatives to support all students, including those who are not members of the student union.
Information about the student unions and their different responsibilities (in swedish)

Student health and study guidance

If the student feels unwell, the student can get help from student health. The student can also get help from the general study guidance if they have questions about education

Thomas Wahlström