Supporting students

Students at Umeå University can get all kinds of support. Here, we introduce the different types of support we offer, so you can point students in the right direction and help them get the assistance they need.

Student Health Service

Are you concerned about a student's health but unsure what to do about it? Would either of you like to contact the Student Health Service? Are you wondering what the Student Health Service actually does? This page has all the answers.

Study guidance

Read about Umeå University's study guidance service, how it works and how you can contact a study counsellor, and some networks you can join if you are a study counsellor yourself.


On this page, we explain how you can support students who have a disability, introduce some common disabilities and mention what support you can get as you engage with students. We also list the University's official responsibilities.

Reading and writing assistance

The University Library can support students who need help with reading or writing. Here, we describe the available support and how students can get in touch with our librarians.

Researching, writing and studying

The University Library can support students with information retrieval, reference management, academic writing, and study skills. You can book a workshop for your students and submit free search requests.

IT, software and support

Students have access to a range of IT services during their time at our University, from their own Umu-id and on-campus wifi to the Canvas learning platform, Office 365's email and collaboration tools, and other programs. The IT Servicedesk has provided more info on this page.

Richard Hartvik