Student Health Service

The Student Health Service serves all Umeå University students, regardless of where they live or study. It also welcomes those who study at the Umeå branch of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. All our services are free of charge for students, and we are bound to professional secrecy.

At the Student Health Service, social counsellors, nurses, psychologists, a physiotherapist and a public health planner work.

Studenthälsan, Student Health Service.


Support for members of staff

Are you concerned about a student's health?

If you as a member of staff are worried about a student's wellbeing (physical, psychosocial or work-/study-related), you can refer them to us at the Student Health Service. We can serve as a liaison between them and their department.

You can find more information on the page If a student does not feel well.

The Student Health Service (which is part of the Student Services Office) focuses on health promotion and prevention. Students can turn to us if they have a question about their physical, mental or social wellbeing. We deal with both study-related and lifestyle issues, including trouble sleeping, stress, alcohol and relationship worries. When necessary, we refer students to the right primary care instance.

Please refer to the Procedures for alcohol and drugs at Umeå University if you suspect a student may be struggling with substance abuse.

Want to know more about the Student Health Service?

We are always happy to come introduce ourselves and our services to students and staff. Our contact details are listed on this page. 

Join Umeå University's Student Support Network

The Student Support Network is a platform to develop your skills and exchange experiences with others who also support students at Umeå University. Anyone who works with student support is welcome – whether you are a study counsellor, a student disability coordinator or work at the Student Health Service or University Library.

Contact Victoria Bernhardtson if you have any questions about the Student Support Network.

Rules that govern the Student Health Service

Systematic quality-assurance management system – Student Health Service, Umeå University (in Swedish)

Supporting students

Students in Umeå

Students can contact the Student Health Service by calling us during our telephone hours (Monday-Friday during term time) or by coming to Infocenter (drop-in Monday-Thursday).

Current opening hours and services are listed on the student website

Students elsewhere

The Student Health Service also serves students not currently studying on campus in Umeå itself. Students can always get advice from us. They should first reach out to us during our telephone hours (Monday–Friday during term time); we can then put them in touch with a counsellor at their study destination or offer telephone counselling.

Our current services and telephone hours are listed on the student website

Ways for students to contact the Student Health Service

For more details, see the student website. It also mentions our drop-in and telephone hours and explains how to book a counselling appointment.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Student Health Service, you are welcome to contact Jonas Lundberg, head of unit.

To book a presentation about the service from the Student Health Service or order brochures, contact Jeanette Lundberg.

Information on how students can contact the Student Health Service

Student health service activities for students - Autumn 2023

Students are welcome to join any of our lectures, workshops or groups. All of our activities are free of charge. You can read more about our activities for autumn 2023 in our PDF.

Jeanette Lundberg