Study guidance

Umeå University’s study guidance service is available to students at the first- and second-cycle level. There are both study counsellors who are directly linked to a particular course or programme, and general study counsellors who can assist any current or prospective student.

Services all study counsellors offer

All of the University's study counsellors, whether general or programme-/course-specific, have the same approach and work in close cooperation with each other, to offer all students the same level of high-quality support.

  • They provide information about the University's courses and programmes (including entry requirements), and offer study and career guidance.
  • They offer guidance and study planning support during students' studies.
  • They actively contribute to the University's efforts to make recruitment and participation more diverse and inclusive through prevention, support and follow-up.
  • They follow the Procedures for study guidance (see Rules that apply to study guidance below).

For study counsellors at departments

The faculties and the Umeå School of Education are responsible for offering study guidance for all their courses and study programmes.

Study counsellors based at a department provide services like:

  • offering guidance on specific subjects and programmes, and informing students and prospective students about potential study/career paths;
  • providing counselling and support to students of a specific programme, subject or area of study;
  • systematically following up on students' grades and, when necessary, actively getting in touch when there is an issue to offer support and guidance;
  • providing information to and assisting students who want to apply for a transfer of credits;
  • counselling students who are about to enter the labour market; and
  • cooperating with other university-wide or department-specific student support services to create the best possible conditions for all students.

General study guidance 

The general study guidance is university-wide and offered by the Student Services Office. Their study counsellors can:

  • provide students and prospective students with study guidance and general information about higher education in Sweden and about Umeå University's courses and programmes;
  • provide information and guidance to prospective students about the admission requirements for first-cycle level studies;
  • manage the University's Study Counsellor Network, to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences and ensure all counsellors have a similar approach and a similar understanding of their role. (Scroll down for more information on this network.); and
  • arrange occasional workshops and trainings for the University's study counsellors.

Contact the university-wide study guidance

University employees can contact Victoria Bernhardtson.

Students can find more information on the Student website page on study guidance.

Rules that apply to study counsellors

Umeå University's study guidance service is regulated by:

Networks for study counsellors


General study guidance

Victoria Bernhardtson, Student Services Office

Study counsellor at your department

Find your study counsellor's contact details in the staff directory on Pick your department and then select "study counsellor" in the role/title drop-down menu.


This Teams group is a forum for Umeå University's study counsellors and those staff members who officially counsel students as part of their job. Members can exchange experiences, support each other, ask questions and spread the word about interesting professional development opportunities or other important information.

The Study Counsellor Network on Teams


The Student Support Network is a platform to develop your skills and exchange experiences with others who also support students at Umeå University. Anyone who works with student support is welcome – whether you are a study counsellor, a student disability coordinator or work at the Student Health Service or University Library.

Contact Victoria Bernhardtson to find out more about the Student Support Network.

National Guidance Counsellor Network

This network unites all study and career counsellors at Swedish universities. It allows them to cooperate, exchange experiences and develop professionally.

Join the LinkedIn group Studievägledare inom Sv Högskolor och universitet.

Victoria Bernhardtson (Student Services Office) is the network's contact person at Umeå University.

Nordic Asociation of University Administrators (NUAS)

NUAS works to develop Nordic university administrators' professional capacity, share administrative best practices and strengthen ties between Nordic universities. One of the association's sub-groups is dedicated to study and career counselling.

Read more on NUAS' homepage

Richard Hartvik