Employer contacts during studies

Different types of employer contact during studies are important both for our students and for the university. Our students working with companies and organisations in different ways provides students with more work opportunities after graduating.

The students' collaborations also make employers aware of the university's work and the skills that we give our students. By extension, this strengthens recruitment for our courses.

For the students, this contact with employers during their studies provides them with an opportunity to test their skills in real-life situations and to make valuable contacts. The experience, contacts and references this brings increases their chances of getting a job after graduation. For the university, a student collaboration means that we can spread knowledge about the education we provide, and what skills we give our students.

Those of you who are involved in education should help students to establish employer contacts during their studies in a variety of ways. These could include, for example, placements, thesis projects, trainee programmes and degree projects during their studies. The departments, you as a teacher and the students can get help, support and advice on issues relating to employer contacts during studies as well as the transition between education and employment.

As a teacher, you can get help with things such as:

  • Contacts with companies and organisations that advertise on linkedstudent.umu.se.
  • Contacts for starting your own business.
  • Career planning initiatives for your students throughout their studies through the Skills Portfolio.
  • Contacts for study visits and guest lectures.
  • Workshops for teachers on skills and the external environment.
  • Support for programme development or labour market.
  • Career planning for your student group.

The NÄXT network for sharing experience

The NÄXT network is designed for programme coordinators and is a network, which through the sharing of experience, aims to spread ideas and insights that will help to develop students' external collaboration. The network meets once or twice per semester.

CV review and interview practice

Students have the opportunity for a CV review and interview practice, among other things, at a drop-in between 1 pm and 4 pm every Thursday during the semester.

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LinkedStudent is an Umeå University website where students and employers can find one another for thesis projects, degree projects, short case studies, placements and trainee programmes, as well as part-time jobs and employment after graduation. The advertisements describe the needs of the employers and therefore do not initially have any academic formulation. The assignment is determined and specified in more detail through discussion with the company or organisation. In consultation with the supervisor at the department, the student and the commissioning party formulate the question and the purpose of the assignment so that it fulfils the academic requirement of the degree programme.

The students themselves make contact with the company's contact person stated in the advertisement on LinkedStudent, and therefore act as ambassadors for both themselves and their programme. So it is important that they treat the commissioning party in the same professional way that they would treat a prospective employer.

Lena Holmberg