Innovation and business development

An important task for you as a researcher is to communicate your knowledge and research results in various ways so that people, companies and businesses can benefit from them.

Ways of doing this include creating new products and services, transferring knowledge or technology to existing companies or starting a business yourself.

Innovation Office North

As an employee of Umeå University, you can get free innovation advice from Innovation Office North. Together we evaluate your idea's potential and develop the foundations.

Innovation Office North offers:

  • Seminars and workshops.
  • Free innovation advice.
  • Resources for innovation development.
  • Access to networks and expertise.
  • Help with issues relating to intellectual property (e.g. copyright, trademarks, design protection and patents).
  • Support in drawing up certain types of contracts.

We will give you further guidance, if necessary, to the right support functions at the university, or to other organisations in the innovation support system. We can also help with business contacts and other collaborations.

Uminova Innovation

Uminova Innovation can help you to develop your business idea and build a growing business. Our business coaches will help make it easier to retain structure and focus throughout the business process. You receive support in finding the right contacts and building up your own network.

You can choose your level of involvement. If you want to continue researching, you can be listed as a scientific advisor, or you can choose to work as an employee of the company or even to run the process itself. You make your choice and we help you find a team.

Uminova Innovation can help with:

  • Offices in the incubator.
  • Patents.
  • Your role in the process.
  • Ideas drop-in, Thursdays 3 pm to 5 pm at Tvistevägen 47.

InfoTech Umeå

InfoTech Umeå is an initiative within Uminova Innovation that works to provide innovative people and companies with the best possible support to develop their ideas into successful businesses. Among other things, this means that if you have a business idea in the field of IT, you can get extra support from industry-savvy business coaches who can adapt Uminova Innovation's processes, tools and networks to the needs of IT innovations.

Biotech Umeå

At the Biotech Umeå cluster, we work to create growth and better conditions for the region's life sciences companies, in collaboration with regional, national and international partners. We do this by promoting the companies and the region's research in the media and to investors and partners. We also work with business and enterprise development through Uminova Innovation's processes, to help both companies and researchers to develop business concepts.

Karin Borge Renberg