A student who has completed the studies required for a particular degree may apply for a degree certificate.

The easiest way to apply for a degree is via Ladok for students. The student will sign in using their Umu-id and then click the "Degrees and certificates" tab. Those who can not apply through the link can use an application form. If so, contact Infocenter to get an application form.

The student applies when all courses required for the degree are completed and the grades are reported in Ladok.

All degree applications are examined on the basis of the relevant degree requirements by the degree officer at Student Services. If the application is accepted, the degree is awarded and a degree certificate will be sent by e-mail to the student.

You will find the relevant information for students on the student web. There you can read about:

  • the degree requirements
  • specified local qualification descriptors
  • specified main fields of study
  • which degrees Umeå University is permitted to award
  • how students can apply for degrees 

Whereto shall I refer students who have questions?

Students will find information about degrees and a link to the degree application on the student web.

Students who have questions about requirements for a certain degree, can turn to the study advisor (or equivalent) at the department in question, or contact Infocenter. A student who needs study guidance or help with planning his or her studies in order to get a certain degree, should always turn to the study advisor at the department.

Unofficial "DIPLOMA" documents and templates

The degree certificate that students have to request from the university themselves, is the only document that is valid as proof of degree. Some study programmes hand out a document ("diploma") on undertaken education during closing ceremonies or similar occasions, which some students may interpret as the degree certificate. Therefore, some students never request their official certificate.

To avoid misunderstandings, there is a Swedish and English template available as well as rules on how documents of undertaken education should be used.

Order or print yourself

There are two ways of obtaining a finished document based on the template:

  • order through Inhousebyrån at the Communications Office, or
  • download, fill out and print the editable template yourself


The templates can be found on the page Templates with logo.

Find the Rules for unofficial documents regarding the completion of study programmes in the Legal Framework at Umeå University - Education and research.

Maria Rudberg