Security in Zoom

The number of video meetings has increased when many work and teach from home. This means that you should be aware of how you can increase the security in your Zoom meetings. Learn more about security in Zoom through the information on this page.

The number of video meetings has increased when many work and teach from home. Unfortunately unauthorized persons are also aware of this. Zoombombing is when unwanted participants show up in your Zoom meeting and sabotages it through spam in the chat or sharing disturbing images via the Share screen option. Most of these intrusions happen when the link to the meeting is made public by mistake.

Integrity and personal data in Zoom

Many universities use Zoom for online teaching. There have been discussions in different forums about the security in Zoom and the American company has received criticism for insufficient security and how they handle personal data. Be aware that users within Umeå university are not affected by this. Our Zoom service is separated from Zoom's public cloud service. This means that our Zoom meetings are held in servers in the Nordic according to GDPR and European data laws.

Please note that when you use Zoom at Umeå university you have to follow the university guidelines. The communication in Zoom is encrypted and any personal data is handled within the EU. However, the service is not intended for sensitive personal data or classified information.

Read more about personal data (information in Swedish).

Nordunet Zoom - GDPR and Privacy Facts

FAQ about Sunet's Zoom service

Make your Zoom meetings more secure

Keep in mind that:

  • You should not publish the meeting links on social media for example. Send the link directly to the participants instead.
  • If you need it you can choose to not make the meeting public. There are two alternatives to make that happen. By setting a password for the meeting or by letting participants enter a waiting room and only giving access to the participants that are allowed to participate.
  • You can limit the opportunity for participants to share their screens and write in the chat. This means that only the host can do that, Host only.
  • You should make sure that Zoom is updated to the latest version at all times.

Manual for secure Zoom meetings

In the document below you will find additional tips and a short manual for how to make your Zoom meetings more secure.

Manual for secure Zoom meetings

Hanna Karlsson