Decommissioning Cambro and Moodle

Fall semester 2021 is the last semester where you can create new courses in Cambro and Moodle. Starting 2022 you will only be able to retrieve information from the learning platforms. Mid-June 2022 Cambro and Moodle will be automatically archived.

The time frame for decommissioning Cambro and Moodle was decided by the steering committee November 20, 2020 and it has been adjusted slightly considering the pandemic.

The switch to Canvas as the learning platform is near. Cambro and Moodle will close down during 2023. The last semester for courses in Cambro or Moodle was fall semester 2021. Starting 2022 all new courses or other activities are created in Canvas.

Cambro and Moodle will be available for teachers and students during spring semester 2022 in order for teachers and students to finish courses.

Important dates

17 June 2022

The contents in Cambro and Moodle can no longer be edited and no new material can be added. At this time an automatic archiving function will download certain materials and tools for preservation at Registry and archive. Moodle will be locked down and only be available for retrieving material. Cambro does not have the technical solution for lockdown but must be handled in the same way as Moodle, i.e. only for retrieving material. Any changes or edits that are made in Cambro or Moodle after June 17, 2022, will not be backed up or included in the archive.

Retrieve material from Cambro and Moodle during 2023

After recognising a need to be able to retrieve material from both Cambro and Moodle during 2023 a dialogue has been had with the University Management. The dialogue has resulted in keeping Cambro and Moodle open for staff during most of 2023 in order to retrieve material. Information about how to log in and retrieve your material will be published as soon as we know more.

End of 2023

The log-in to Cambro and Moodle close and the systems are decommissioned. Any questions about access to material after this date must be directed to Registry and archive at the Vice-Chancellor's Office. The format of this material will be different than the original format.

Cambro and Moodle for students

Students will have access to Cambro and Moodle during 2022 to retrieve and download their material. Cambro and Moodle will close for students December 16, 2022.

Information about Cambro and Moodle closing on the student website

To consider before archiving and decommissioning

How Cambro and Moodle have been used as learning platforms differ greatly between departments and teachers. Each department and education committee must decide on whether there are documents that need to be preserved that are excluded from the automatic archiving. If there are documents that need to be preserved according to the document management for First- or Second-Cycle education or any other kind of document management they must be preserved before December 2023.

Document management for First- or Second-Cycle education (in Swedish)

Guide for archiving Cambro and Moodle (in Swedish)

It is of the utmost importance that all documents and material that constitutes the basis of assessment to be used at a later time are preserved before December 2023.

The head of department or equivalent is responsible for and decides on what documentation to preserve at the department.


Archive questions:

Archivist Eva-Lisa Holmström or Erik Thorsten

General questions:

Deputy director, UPL, Karl Idberger

Hanna Karlsson