Educational continuing professional development

For you as a teacher, your educational continuing professional development is important, and you have the opportunity at work to develop your educational skills.

You should be able to develop your educational skills and abilities continuously. You can do this, for example, through various courses and other programmes. Your continuing professional development will contribute to your educational acquisition of qualifications, as you are able to develop material for your educational portfolio.

Centre for Educational Development (UPL) offers you opportunities as a university teacher to develop your educational skills and abilities. The training that suits you best will depend on your circumstances and requirements.

UPL's courses and other programmes provide access to both permanent employment and promotion for teachers at university college and university.

You can find out more about UPL's courses and other programmes on their website.

Educational competence requirements for teachers

The higher education teaching skills, abilities and attitude required to be eligible for a teaching position at Umeå University can be found in the Employment regulations for teachers at Umeå University.

These skills can be obtained in various ways, such as through higher education teacher training, other training relevant to teaching within higher education or documented, proven experience. This must be demonstrated through documentation in an educational portfolio.

You can find out more about the educational portfolio at UPL.

Continuing professional development for doctoral supervisors

At least one of the supervisors for each doctoral student must have completed university training for supervisors or have been judged to have equivalent competence or proven equivalent educational qualifications from another university.

As a doctoral supervisor, you can take the course called "Doctoral supervision in practice". This programme is designed for both new and more experienced doctoral supervisors. You can also join a network for doctoral supervisors at Umu, called HandUm.

You can find out more about the programme and the network at UPL.

Continuing professional development for educational managers

A course in educational leadership is offered to educational managers once a year. Umeå University also has a network for educational managers.

You can find out more about the course and the network at UPL.


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