Use of copyrighted material in teaching

The University has a licensing agreement with the organisation Bonus Copyright Access that grants certain rights to copy and share copyrighted material in teaching. You might also need to use copyrighted material in a way that is not covered by the agreement.

The agreement grants teachers and students the right to copy and share copyrighted material for teaching purposes on the terms specified in the agreement. The right to use film, radio and TV programmes is not included in the agreement but must be applied for through Mediacenter or Copyswede. For more information on how to copy and share, see the information material on the right. You can also find more information about the licensing agreement on Bonus Copyright Access' web.

Other paths to the right to use copyrighted material

Sometimes the opportunities for copying and sharing that the license agreement grants are not sufficient. You may need to copy more pages than is permitted by the licensing agreement or use music, film and radio programmes in your teaching. The right to this type of use must then be sought in another way, for example by:

  • Seeking permission through other licensees. For example, the University Library has licenses that in some cases give permission for digital copying and sharing for teaching purposes.
  • Arranging explicit permission from the rights holder, which may be the author, publisher, magazine or similar. This permission should be in writing, e.g. by e-mail.
  • Linking to the material. Linking to material on the internet is not a copyright disposal of the material. However, it is not allowed to do so via deep links or present the material via frames so that it appears as your own material.
  • Using material that is shared with open access, so called CC-license. 
  • Using scientific publications which according to Umeå University's (and many other educational institution's) policy should be published with open access.

You must always name the originator when using copyrighted material regardless of how you have received the right to use the material in your educational activities.

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