Developed forms of examination

Developed forms of examination is a prioritised activity within the university's focus on strengthening pedagogical development, support and availability. The project runs from 2022 to 2025.

UPL has received funding to run a project on developed forms of examination at Umeå University. Examinations are a key activity in which we invest a great deal of time, both teachers, students and administrative functions.

Within the framework of the project, we will develop training, investigate new ideas, create templates and guides and explore technical support to facilitate and improve the function of examinations. We also collaborate with more than ten other higher education institutions to share experiences and create resources for teachers' work regarding examinations. A concrete outcome of this collaboration will be to produce examples of different examination formats as support for teachers when they design examinations for their course.

Aims for the project

In the spring of 2022, we invited to a dialogue about what we want to achieve and work towards through this project. It has landed in five aims:

  • Examination that strengthens learning processes
  • Legally secure examination
  • Examination from a health and joy perspective
  • Technical support for assessment and administration of examination
  • Create a knowledge base for long-term development

Student participation

In the spring of 2022, two student groups, within the framework of their own courses, conducted research on stress and digital competence linked to the examination practice. One group examined teachers' perceptions linked to assessment practice and one group examined students' descriptions of stress and stress reduction in connection with home exams.

What happens right now in the project

We are currently working on compiling the information we have collected and planning activities for the autumn.

In addition to training initiatives, we will visit as many departments as we can to learn more about specific traditions and needs but also to gather good examples to spread to others. If you want to invite us to your department to discuss your experiences and needs, you are warmly welcome to contact project manager Oskar Gedda.

We are also beginning to create a basis for collection of examples and investigate if we, within the project, can form a group that can answer or guide more advanced or challenging questions regarding examinations.

Vice-Chancellor's decision

Read the Vice-Chancellor's decision: Efforts to strengthen research and education - sub-decision 2 (in Swedish)

Project manager

Project manager is Oskar Gedda, UPL.

Hanna Karlsson