Hybrid teaching for flexible learning

Hybrid teaching for flexible learning including support is a prioritised activity within the university's focus on strengthening pedagogical development, support and availability. The project runs from 2022 to 2025.

Centre for Educational development (UPL) will run a project for 4 years that will explore and develop knowledge and skills regarding hybrid teaching and the effects on the students' learning.

The project is divided into three parts. During 2022 the main focus is to identify the organisation's needs and benchmarking.

Currently in the project

Six teachers received funding (2022-05-09)

Six teachers who wanted to try hybrid elements in their teaching will receive compensation for 80 hours. 

The call for applications was published 2022-03-15 and last day to apply was 2022-04-15.

Information about the hybrid teaching project

The project is divided into three sub-projects.

Sub-project A - Organisation for support in the classroom

Sub-project B - Building knowledge and exploring possibilities ​

Sub-project C - Sharing knowledge and benchmarking

Learning Lab Hybrid - Umeå

This project will collaborate closely with another project called Learning Lab Hybrid Umeå. Learning Lab Hybrid Umeå is a project where Umu and Akademiska Hus are working together to develop a learning lab in the room NAT.D.370 in the Natural Sciences building. The activities in the learning lab will develop knowledge about pedagogy and the requirements on a room in a hybrid setting.

Read more about Learning Lab Hybrid

Hanna Karlsson