Learning Lab Hybrid

Learning Lab Hybrid is a collaborative project between Umu and Akademiska Hus that runs until 2025. The project means that a classroom will become a Learning Lab in order to build knowledge about pedagogy and spatial requirements for hybrid learning environments for the future.

The project will be conducted from a pedagogical perspective where teachers and pedagogical developers have the main role. Through Learning Lab Umeå, Umeå University will gain experience, knowledge and competence about how space, pedagogy and technology can be used in the work of developing the hybrid learning environments of the future.

The room that is a Learning Lab on campus is NAT.D.370 in Naturvetarhuset.

Possibilities with Learning Lab

Learning Lab is an environment for developing and testing learning situations where students participate both physically on site and at a distance, at the same time and with equal opportunities. The room offers opportunities for testing and demonstration of the interaction between pedagogical forms, social conditions and spatial design, interior design and technology. The room is designed to develop and test hybrid solutions for collaborations within student groups, such as teamwork, presentations, workshops and seminars.

Initially, Learning Lab Umeå is designed for a learning situation with teachers and a group of students on the premises and a group of students individually connected online.

NAT.D.370 is the classroom that is being transformed into a Learning Lab


Equipment in the Learning Lab

On two of the walls are two large fixed screens. There is also a whiteboard with a whiteboard camera so you can easily share the content of the board with students participating remotely. To control the wall-mounted screens, camera and microphones in the room, there is a touch screen that is your control unit.

The room has six touch screens that are mounted on floor stands with wheels. The screens have a built-in webcam and microphone that allow students in the room to interact with students who participate on-line.

The room is also a Zoom Room which makes it easier when you want to teach to a hybrid classroom. You can easily share a screen from your computer to the screens in the room for students who are on site, while people participating remotely take part of your presentation online.

If students who participate on site do not have their own computer, there are six tablets to borrow to interact with students who participate remotely.

How do I book the Learning Lab?

Information about how to book the room will come during the autumn of 2022.

Find the venue

Contact Learning Lab Umeå

If you have questions about the project or the venue, you can contact:

Project manager Åse Tieva, Umeå University

Facilitator Jonas Lindholm, Umeå University

Project manager Kajsa Winnes, Akademiska Hus

Grand opening of Learning Lab Hybrid

On September 15 at 12.15 we officially open Learning Lab Hybrid. You are very welcome to attend!

Hanna Karlsson