The Punktum application for funding consists of two steps. The first step is a project idea that will be presented in a video and a short text. The applications that are invited to go further in the process will produce a complete application in the next step.

This page will be updated when the next application opens, October 10 2022.

On this page you will find instructions for the two steps of the application process and terms of funding. The maximum amount for the application is SEK 500,000. Smaller projects are also welcome.

Step 1 - Project idea

In step 1 you should describe your project idea in a video that is max 7 minutes long. You should also present your idea in an abstract of max 500 words. In addition to this, include name, unit/department, email and telephone number of the project leader. One person has to be assigned as project leader, but more people can be part of the project.

The video and abstract should be uploaded to the Punktum site in Canvas. You can find the template for the project proposal under the heading Templates.

Link to the Punktum site in Canvas.

Last day to apply for step 1 is November 19, 2021.

A panel consisting of recognised and distinguished teachers at Umeå University assesses all project ideas. They will view the presentations and read the texts in the Canvas site and may also ask questions to the applicants. The panel assesses the proposals, selects which projects are most interesting and invites these to submit a complete project application, including budget and schedule (step two).

The assessment panel will communicate their decisions no later than December 10, 2021.

Step 2 - Complete application

The complete application for funding must contain

  • clear and concrete issues and describe the purpose of the project and the theme or themes to which the project adheres (see detailed description of themes).
  • measurable short- and long term goals
  • a description of the activities that will be undertaken to achieve these goals
  • time plan, and
  • budget (see the terms of funding below).

The application must also describe:

  • how the project is anchored in the department's pedagogical development work
  • if and how the project's results can be transferred to other courses or programs
  • how it contributes to the teachers' competence development.

Furthermore, it must be stated in the application if the project involves further development of a previous project and whether funds have been applied for or have already been granted for the same project from other bodies. Please note that funds are not given for ordinary course or programme development.

Deadline for complete applications are February 18, 2022.

Templates for the project application and project budget can be found under the heading Templates.

If you wish to discuss your project application, you can contact Lars Larsson, UPL (, to book a meeting or workshop.

Signatures on application (step 2)

The application must be signed by the Head of Department or Unit. If the application includes development work within the framework of one or more programmes then it should also be signed by the chairperson(s) of the programme committee(s). If more than one department or unit is involved in the project all Heads of Department/Unit must sign the application. By signing the application those involved give their support to the implementation of the project. The application is not considered complete if a signature is lacking.

Terms of funding

During the project period, the wage costs of members of the project are funded by Punktum. As a result, only wage costs can be included in the requested project budget. The department/unit thus co-finances the projects by paying overhead costs. Other expenses such as purchases of books, technology, travel and/or conference participation cannot be included in project funding. The home department or programme is expected to co-finance the project by covering the cost of the teacher's/teachers' work space and other operating costs, including overhead costs, during the project period. The project application in step 2 must contain a time schedule and an accurate budget in accordance with the template provided (under the heading Templates). Projects must have at least one person associated with the project who is a recognized or distinguished teacher and the role of this person in the project must be stated in the application.

After completion of the project a final report which includes an evaluation of the project shall be submitted to UPL. The final report will be published on Umeå University's website. The project must also be presented for the home department/unit and at Umeå University's university pedagogical conference or at another suitable university pedagogical conference.

Transfer of half of the amount decided can be requested in advance once the Vice Chancellor has made his funding decision. The final regulation of the second half will be settled after completion of the project, when the final report is submitted and approved. Funding may be used within 2 years after the Vice Chancellor's award decision. If the project is delayed for any reason, an application for extension of the project period must be applied for no later than three months before the end of the project. UPL applies a restrictive approach to extension which is granted in principle only when circumstances beyond the control of project participants such as sick leave etc exist. Unused funds after the project's planned termination, will be returned to UPL for re-distribution if no extension has been sought and granted within the deadline.



In step 1 you should describe your project idea in a video that is 7 minutes long, maximum. You should also present your idea in an abstract of max 500 words.

The video and abstract should be submitted through the Punktum site in Canvas. You can find the template for the project proposal under the heading Templates.

Step 1

Upload video and abstract to the Punktum site in Canvas.

Link to the Punktum site in Canvas.
Please note that you need to join the course in Canvas to have access to the site.

Reference number: FS 2.1.6-2112-21

Last day to apply: November 19, 2021

Step 2

Upload the complete application to the Punktum site in Canvas.

Reference number: FS 2.1.6-2112-21

Last day to apply: February 18, 2022


Hanna Karlsson