Hybrid teaching for flexible learning

The hybrid workshop for flexible learning, including support, is a prioritized activity within the area of Strengthened Pedagogical Development, Support, and Accessibility. This area is part of a research and education initiative that will continue until 2025.

Over a period of four years, Centre for Educational Development (UPL) will explore and develop knowledge, abilities, and skills related to hybrid teaching and its impact on student learning, through project-based work.

The initiative is divided into three sub-projects. In 2024, the work in these sub-projects will mainly focus on implementing activities together with the core operations, as well as conducting horizon scanning and sharing experiences from the project's evaluations conducted so far.

Currently in the project

Call for Proposals: Course Development with a Focus on Hybrid Learning Situations (Round 3 application opens on September 4, 2023)

A third round of call for proposals will be carried out in the project for teachers and/or teaching teams who wish to explore/experiment with hybrid elements in their teaching during 2024. Each approved application will receive stimulus funding aimed at promoting innovative thinking and pedagogical development in a hybrid learning environment where students are active participants, ensuring equal opportunities to enhance their learning.

Link to application!

The deadline for applications is October 10, 2023. You can find the history of previous call for proposals under "Previous Calls" section.

Teachers who have received funding in earlier calls

Below you find the teachers that have received funding in earlier calls for application.

Round 2 (Spring 2023)

Anna-Maria Johansson, Psychology

Annica Brännlund, TUV

Berit Aronsson, Language Studies

Christin Johansson, Social Work

Joachim Sundqvist, Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science

Karin Fahlquist, Informatics

Magnus Wink, Creative Studies

Maria Forsman, Department of Law

Mazen Baroudi, Epidemiology and Global Health

Sara Wilson, IMB

Thomas Girmalm, Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Round 1 (Fall 2022)

Cecilia Olsson och Hanna Lövgren, Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science

Karin Fahlquist, Informatics

Maria Forsman, Department of Law

Rasmus Karlsson, Political Science

Robert Holmgren, Education

Thomas Mejtoft, Applied Physics and Electronics (TFE)

Information about the hybrid teaching project

The project is divided into three sub-projects.

Sub-project A - Organisation for support in the classroom

Sub-project B - Building knowledge and exploring possibilities ​

Sub-project C - Sharing knowledge and benchmarking

Learning Lab Hybrid Umeå

This project will collaborate closely with another project called Learning Lab Hybrid Umeå. Learning is a project where Umeå university and Akademiska Hus are working together to develop a learning lab in the room NAT.D.370 in the Natural Sciences building. The activities in the learning lab will develop knowledge about pedagogy and the requirements on a room in a hybrid setting.

Read more about Learning Lab Hybrid Umeå

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