PUNKTUM - Pedagogical development projects

Umeå University welcomes applications for project funding for pedagogical development of undergraduate and graduate education. The aim of the call is to stimulate innovation and pedagogical development in order to support students’ learning.

This year's call focuses on offering funds to teachers who want to publish the results of already completed educational development projects in scientific journals.

The scholarship of teaching and learning includes publishing or otherwise disseminating knowledge and lessons learned from educational development projects. The purpose of this year's Punktum call is thus to make it possible for more teachers at Umeå University to publish, not only in their subject field but also in the field of higher education pedagogy.

The call is aimed at those who have carried out a higher education pedagogical development project over the past seven years and have a basis for writing an article. The project must have been carried out within the framework of the university's educational activities at undergraduate or advanced level. Your project does not need to have been financed with previous Punktum funds.

You are welcome to apply for funding for publication from Punktum at a set sum of SEK 50,000 per article. The assessment of applications will aim towards distribution of funding across faculties, subjects and types of projects. The funds can only be used for the working hours of the author or authors. Funding is made available instantly after the Vice chancellor's decision. A completed article manuscript must be submitted to the relevant journal within one year from the date of the decision.



Your application should consist of an extended abstract (400–500 words), a description of which journal(s) you are aiming for and that there is room for writing space in your staffing (through the head of department's e-signing of the application). Upload the application to Punktum's Canvas website no later than 25 November 2022.

Punktum's Canvas website

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Punktum funds come from the University's funding for undergraduate education. Therefore, only projects targeted at undergraduate and graduate level at Umeå University can be granted project funding (i.e. not projects at postgraduate level or commissioned education). The funds are managed by, and distributed through, the Centre for Educational Development, (UPL) at Umeå University. The project funds are to be used for development projects whose purpose is to promote the development of higher education pedagogy, learning strategies, learning environments or other aspects of education at Umeå University.


Marie Friman