Student support issues

At Umeå University there are several different types of support available for students, including the Student Health Service, study guidance and the Academic Resource Centre. Here you will find information about our university-wide support so that you can point students in the right direction and make it easier for them to get the help and support.

University-wide support is provided for all students in the form of:

  • general study guidance
  • Student Health Service
  • Academic Resource Centre
  • coordination of pedagogical support for students with disabilities.

Want to know more about student support at Umeå University?

The staff working with student support are happy to come and talk about the different types of support available for our students. We are happy to present support to you as a whole or just tell you about the activities you need to know about at the moment.

The Academic Resource Centre will be happy to come and provide information about the support for students' academic writing, oral presentations, and study skills.

The coordinator for pedagogical support can talk to you about accessibility issues and provide information and consultation on studying with a disability.

The Student Health Service is happy to present its work and to talk about the support provided for students with regard to health and lifestyle, study stress and wellbeing, as well as how they work with counselling.

The study counsellors are happy to provide information about study guidance and study information at Student Services.

The External Relations Office works in various ways to establish students' employer contacts. Read more under Employer contacts in the menu.

Contact one of us if you have questions, would like to consult us on any matter, want us to visit your students or come and provide information at a meeting at the department.

Information for your student groups

We will be happy to come and present our student support to your students at the beginning of the next semester or whenever you think appropriate.

Student support network for those who work closely with students

STUDS is a network for those who work closely with students. Through STUDS you can meet colleagues and staff to share your experiences. All information about the network is in Swedish only. If you want to learn more about the STUDS network, please contact Margareta Hultman  or Helena Lindvall at Student Services.


Annica Höglund