Student Health Service

We are available to all students at Umeå University, wherever they are studying or living. The Student Health Service is also available to students at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå. All our services are free to students and we are bound by confidentiality.

The Student Health Service focuses on promoting health and on prevention, and if necessary, we can refer students to the public healthcare service.

At the Student Health Service, students can get support on issues relating to their physical or psychosocial health situation. This could involve, for example, study-related issues or lifestyle issues such as stress, sleep, alcohol habits or relationships.

Information about all the services we offer students is available on the student web. You will also find our opening hours for drop-in and telephone advice for students there.

Methods of contact for students

Students can contact the Student Health Service by calling us during our telephone hours or by visiting us at a drop-in session.

Students at a study venue other than Umeå

The Student Health Service is also for Umeå University students who are not studying in Umeå. Students can always call us for advice by telephone.

Students in Skellefteå and Örnsköldsvik are offered counselling if necessary. Students who want to book an appointment should always start by calling us during our telephone hours, so we can arrange contact for counselling at their study venue.

Are you concerned about a student's health?

If you, as an employee, are concerned about an individual student's health (physical, psychosocial or related to work and study environment), you can always refer the student to us at the Student Health Service. The Student Health Service can act as an intermediary between the student and the department.

Do you have any questions about the Student Health Service? We are happy to come and tell students and employees about what we do. Contact us by telephone or e-mail. You can find the link to our contact details on this page.

Annica Höglund