Study and career guidance

Study guidance at Umeå University is a support function for studies at first-cycle and second-cycle levels. The university offers local study guidance linked to the respective degree programmes, as well as central, general study guidance, which is open to all students and applicants.

Central and local study guidance

Central, general study guidance is available at Student Services, while the faculties are responsible for local study guidance at the departments. Central and local study counsellors work on a consensus basis and in close collaboration in order to maintain high quality and to function in the same way for all students.

A study counsellor works to

  • inform students and prospective students about different study and career paths.
  • guide students in their choice of studies and study planning during their studies.
  • contribute to the university's preventive, supportive and follow-up measures.

A study counsellor needs to pay special attention to students who, because of a disability or for other reasons, have particular need of support.prepare and assist students in the transition between education and employment.

Networks for student counsellors

National network for study and career guidance

The target group of the national network for study and career guidance includes everyone working with study counselling services or careers guidance at universities and colleges. The network is a forum for cooperation, skills development and experience exchange.

A coordination group made up of representatives of 12 higher education institutions is responsible for the planning of annual conferences and coordination of e-meetings for experience exchange. Counsellors can get in touch with colleagues in the country via contacts at the respective higher education institutions if, for example, they would like tips on how to deal with problematic issues.

The network has just launched a LinkedIn group, where current student counselling issues can be discussed. The group is called "Studievägledare på Sv Högskolor och universitet".

Contact person at Umeå University:
Maria Söderholm, Student Services,

Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS)

Umeå University is a member of the Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS). The NUAS works to promote university administrators' professional skills, raise awareness of good administrative practices and to establish contacts and build networks between the Nordic universities at all administrative levels. There are 13 active planning groups that organise conferences, etc., including the planning group for study administration and study and career guidance.

Find out more on the NUAS website:


Annica Höglund