Interactive presentations with Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an online presentation tool and a digital system for interactive surveys in real time.

Mentimeter can be used when teaching to activate and interact with the students. You can use different types of questions and the participants can vote or write their answers by using their cellphone, computer or tablet and all the answers will be summarized and presented visually. Mentimeter is a useful tool for gathering feedback, polling, brainstorming for example, and the results can be used for discussion.

Using tools like Mentimeter is a way to make the students understanding of certain concepts in the lecture visible.

Please note that you must not collect personal information in your presentations.

When you use Mentimeter

When you create a user account with Mentimeter you enter a personal agreement with them regarding how they handle personal data, see their Terms and conditions and Privacy policy.

Mentimeter Terms and conditions

Mentimeter Privacy policy

Regarding GDPR it is important that you, as a user, is aware that the information you create with questions and answers must not contain personal data.

If you do activities in Mentimeter for schools it is possible to do for informants 13 years old or older.

Do you already have a private user account with Mentimeter? Please read this first!

If you already have a private user account with Mentimeter, please read this before joining the campus license.

Help for "Single sign on"

Please note that if you want to merge your existing account with the campus license you must set your primary Umu email, that is, as the email on your existing account. Once this is done you will be able to login with your Umu-id.

Login to Mentimeter

Login to

Write umu under "Company name". Login with your Umu-id.

Training and Support

Do you need support? UPL offers daily support via Servicedesk for Canvas, Zoom, Umu Play, Ouriginal (Urkund) and Mentimeter.

We also offer drop in Tuesdays to Fridays in Zoom, a user forum in Teams and workshops for our e-learning systems.

Read more about training and support in the e-learning systems

Ellen Säll