Supervising and examining the VFU within Umeå School of Education

Umeå School of Education have given UPL the mission to give a course for university teachers regarding VFU-supervision, trialogues, assessment and examination.

The course is aimed to acquire competence in supervising and examining the VFU within Umeå School of Education.

Target group

The course is designed for teachers who are doing site visits and examinations of the VFU (work placement) at Umeå School of Education.

Course information

Autumn semester 2020

Dates: October 26, November 30 (2020), February 8, March 16 (2021)

Admission: The office of Umeå School of Education makes the selection.

Length: 3 weeks (including 4 full day meetings)

Participants: 24

Application deadline: Application is closed

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Hanna Karlsson