Here are our upcoming workshops and seminars regarding, for example, e-learning and your pedagogical portfolio. You can also find information about workshops that UPL can provide upon request.

The information below is updated regularly with workshops during the semesters.

Teaching portfolio I: Understanding teaching portfolio

The purpose of this workshop is to develop your knowledge of portfolios of pedagogical qualifications as well how to create and use them. The workshop is aimed at both new and experienced teachers at Umeå University. During the workshop you will be given the opportunity both to create the structure for your own portfolio and to begin to develop some of the documents that you want to include. Read more about the workshop


Date: October 25, 2022
Time: 13-16

Location: Zoom

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Contact: Marie Friman

Teaching portfolio II: Developing your teaching portfolio

The purpose of this workshop is to deepen and practically use your knowledge of Teaching portfolios. The workshop is aimed at teachers at Umeå University who have already begun to work on their Teaching portfolios. During the day you will work on and develop your portfolio, get feedback on your own portfolio and give feedback to others. We are also going to look at the existing guidelines for documentation and assessment of pedagogical qualifications at Umeå University. Read more about the workshop


Date: December 15, 2022
Time: 13-16

Location: Zoom

Language: Enter language preference in the application form

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Contact: Marie Friman

Workshops in Canvas

The workshops are a basic education in the learning platform Canvas which aims to create an overall understanding of tools, building blocks and structure to get started with creating course content.
Read more about the workshop


Autumn 2022

October 6, at 13-15

Language: Swedish

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Register no later than one day before the workshop.
The workshop will be cancelled if there are fewer than five participants.

Thematic workshops in Canvas

UPL offers thematic workshops where we go deep into the Canvas tool

A thematic workshop in Canvas is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of specific tools in Canvas, such as SpeedGrader.

Read more about our thematic workshops in Canvas


Autumn 2022

How to design a Canvas site

Date: November 17 november (13-15)

Language: Swedish
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Matrices in Canvas - how you can, and should do

December 1 at 10-12

Language: Swedish
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Result to Ladok from Canvas

Date: November 10, 13-14

Language: Swedish
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Dealing with tense teaching sitations

Date: November 18, 9-12

Language: Swedish

Place: Läraren, UPL

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Zoom for e-meetings

Zoom is Umeå university's primary e-meeting service for education. This workshop will give you an introduction to the programme and you will have the opportunity to try the different functions of Zoom.
Read more about the workshop.


No dates at the current time

Umu Play

Umu Play is the media service at Umeå university focusing on web-based production, storage and distribution of video.

Read more about the workshops.


No dates available at the moment

Drop in

We offer a few different options for meeting us in various drop ins where you can ask questions about our e-learning systems.


Visit us in Zoom and ask questions and get help in our e-learning systems (Canvas, Mentimeter, UmuPlay and Zoom).

The E-café is open Tuesdays to Fridays between 10-12.

Last day spring 22 is June 23
First day autumn 22 is August 23

Link to E-café in Zoom

User forum for e-learning in Teams

We offer a user forum in Teams for our e-learning systems. The forum is open for everyone to participate in and the forum focuses on the e-learning systems for example Canvas, Zoom and Mentimeter. Most of the information is in Swedish but you can ask questions in English as well.

Go to the user forum for e-learning

Question time for e-examination

We offer a digital question time Wednesdays at 9.00–10.00 in Zoom. The question time is an opportunity to ask questions about functionality, test design and assessment.

Link to the question time for e-examination


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