For newly appointed professors of Umeå University

Umeå University puts pride in celebrating you and your research. In conjunction with the Annual Celebration – Årshögtiden in Swedish – new professors will be presented in a publication Högtidsskriften, written in Swedish, and a short film shown at the ceremony.

In order to present you and your research in the best possible way, your contribution is key.

You are therefore asked to submit a popular science text and biografy about yourself and your research.

Writing your contribution to Högtidsskriften

Prior to the Annual Celebration Ceremony, the publication called Högtidsskriften, is published containing texts presenting new professors, honorary doctors and award recipients. Högtidsskriften is handed out to visitors and guests during the celebrations. Please note that all texts in this publication are in Swedish and there is no English version.

 Here you can see a Google translation of two Swedish texts.

It is your task to write a draft of the text used in Högtidsskriften that will be edited to suit the format. If you prefer not to write in Swedish, a text in English is perfectly fine. Your text will be translated into Swedish for you. Please note that your text is aimed at the general public and should be written in a popular science way.

The text must contain three parts:

1. Headline
30–50 characters including spaces.
The headline should be a popular science description of the research relevant to your professorship.

2. Description of your research
Max 1,100 characters including spaces.

It is an advantage if the content of your text contains examples of what your research involves. Use these three questions to get started:
– What does your research entail?
– Why is your research importance?
– How can your research be put into use? (if this can be applied in your specific case)

3. A short biography
Max 500 characters including spaces.
The text must begin with the following sentence:
(Name) was born in (year of birth) in (place of birth).
For example: Ann Andersson was born in 1970 in Umeå.

The biography must also contain your:
– Education
– Degrees
– And your own selection of job roles, assignments, achievements and awards.

Please submit your text to Your text will be edited and you will receive suggestions of improvements to approve before the text is published. If you write your text in English, your text will be translated and amended in Swedish. Depending on your level of Swedish, a suggestion could be that you ask a Swedish-speaking colleague to take a look at the Swedish text to make sure that for instance terminology and translations of titles and degrees are transferred correctly.

Photography and filming

Prior to the Annual Celebration, you are offered to be photographed by the university's photographers. The photos will be used in Högtidsskriften and to marked the Annual Celebrations. A short film will also be produced to briefly present this year's new professors from a popular science point-of-view. The film will be presented at the Annual Celebration Ceremony.

The situation for planning the 2021 celebrations is slightly different to usual and the crew organising the event is taking all precautions necessary to ensure that not least the production of the film can be conducted in a safe way with regards to the pandemic. You will receive more information when filming can commence and how it will take place.

Högtidsskriften and film from previous years

See the previous year's Högtidsskrift and film of professors to get an impression of what to expect.

Publication from 2019 (in Swedish).

See the short films that were shown at the 2018 ceremony


For more information, please contact