Communication of research

By making Umeå University's research visible we can raise the profile of our research and reinforce our good reputation.

Making the university's research visible is an important part of showing the world what the university is and what we do. It makes an important contribution to the public debate and provides an insight into how taxes are used. Visible, successful research results also provide a strong basis for Umeå University's ability to recruit students and employees. It can also influence companies and other groups in society to choose the university as a partner.

Who should communicate research?

Communicating and making research visible and attracting attention to it is primarily a task for you as a researcher and your department – contribute to the public debate, communicate with the mass media and make personal contacts outside the university. One easy way of making your research visible is to publish it in the research database. It will then be visible and searchable on our website, and can be displayed on your profile page on the web.

As a researcher, you can also get support from your faculty public information officer, who will help you with press releases, press contacts and ideas on how you can reach out with your research, for example.

The university also carries out work centrally to spread the news about the university's research strengths nationally and internationally.

What do we need to highlight?

The university focuses its communication on highlighting strong research, research projects, research results, research collaborations and individual researchers and partners, while toning down our organisation. The interesting thing is the research itself, not the university structure surrounding it.

How do we communicate?

On the web we report on the university's research in language that is easy to understand on the website, in the research blog and in the research database. We also highlight news, popular science events and provide profiles of individual researchers.

In the mass media we use press releases on theses and research results. The University is also a partner in Expertanswer, the Swedish Research Council's press service. Researchers also participate in the public debate.

Through lectures we reach out to the general public in a more direct way, for example through Science lunches or lectures for selected groups outside the world of academia.

Through contact with schools, such as further training for teachers, researchers in schools, visits to schools to answer questions from pupils, and the Upptäcktsfärden project.

Press contacts

Communications Office
General press inquiries
General communications inquiries

Faculty of Medicine
Ola Nilsson
Phone: +46 90-786 69 82
Mobile: +46 70-353 26 48

Faculty of Science and

Anna-Lena Lindskog
Phone: +46 90-786 58 78
Mobile: +46 70-642 29 56

Faculty of Arts
Per Melander
Phone: +46 90-786 93 79

Faculty of Social Sciences
Eva Stoianov
Phone: +46 90-786 62 28

Umeå School of Education
Head of the dean's office
Boa Drammeh
Phone: +46 90-786 56 82
Mobile: +46 72-143 25 62

Helena Vejbrink
Phone: +46 90-786 90 73

Camilla Bergvall