ReaL step 1 - Researcher in an early stage of the research career

The leadership program, ReaL Step 1, is directed towards researchers in an early stage of their career. The programme aims to provide skills and career support to researchers who aim to become successful researchers and scientific leaders at Umeå University. The programme is open to 21 participants from all faculties.

Umeå University´s goal is to advance its position as an internationally leading research and educational university, and also to play a prominent role in regional development. As part of this aim, Umeå University carries out targeted activities to support and develop research leadership skills. ReaL is organized in three levels. The first level, Step 1, invites researchers at an early stage in their career. The second level, Step 2, is directed towards already established research leaders. Step 3 targets distinguished researchers.

Purpose and objectives

The ReaL programme aims to provide active, targeted support to researchers who are expected to become future scientific leaders at Umeå University. The overall objective of the programme is to support your development and competence as a research leader, develop greater communication skills and abilities to secure external funds. You will also develop skills in recruiting group members and running and managing research teams or networks. The programme will focus on your individual career plan, but also on understanding the university as an organisation and resource. Finally, the programme aims at stimulating interdisciplinary contacts as well as national and international collaboration.

Target group

Applicants for Step 1 preferably have experience from other research environments, such as a postdoctoral study or equivalent. The applicant is currently securing external funding for establishing a research group or network. The applicant has some experience as a research leader and supervisor and may have participated in committees. Teaching experience is a prerequisite. Typically, the programme targets researchers who are currently employed as Assistant Professors/Associate Senior Lecturers (biträdande lektor), researchers (forskare) or newly appointed Associate Professor/Senior Lecturers (lektor). The applicant has held a PhD for at least two years, and preferably for no more than six years. Career stage is more important than the exact number of years since the defence.

Application and selection

Submit your application to your respective faculty on the application form, which must contain a concise CV and self-evaluation (please see the application form). Please note that the Head of Department must sign the application. The application period is between 2 October – 6 November 2023.

The faculty management, after consulting the Heads of departments, takes the decision regarding the selection of participants. The selection is made on the basis of research competence and leadership potential.

ReaL Step 1 - application is open 2 October - 6 November 2023

ReaL Step 2 - application closed

ReaL Step 3 - application opening spring 2025



Programme dates and themes


  • 22 January - 8 February: Interviews
  • 27 February: Introduction
  • 26 March: The university as an organisation
  • 23 April: Research funding
  • 21 May: Recruiting
  • 10 June: Research leadership
  • 20 August: Internal and external communication
  • 10 September: Research career
  • 8 October: Conclusions - facing the future


Project leaders



Anna-Lill Drugge
Associate professor at Department of Language Studies
📞 090- 786 99 43



Jon Moen
Professor, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG)
📞 090- 786 96 47

Moa Eirell