ReaL Step 3: Distinguished research leaders

The third and most advanced step of the ReaL programme aims to stimulate the further development of research environments and research leaders. As a programme participant you will deepen your leadership capabilities and strategic development skills.

Participants of ReaL step 3, spring 2022.



The research and leadership programme, ReaL, is a competence and career programme for research leaders at Umeå University. The programme is part of the University's efforts to support researchers' skills and career development.

Read more about Step 1 and Step 2.

Objective of ReaL step 3

The overall ambition of the Step 3 programme is to stimulate the further development of innovative and ground-breaking research. The programme will especially focus on

  • the strategic development of your own research environment
  • your personal development as a leader in general and especially as a research leader.

Programme overview

The programme is designed with 9 modules over a period of one year. Each module is approximately a lunch to lunch seminar, often in a conference setting outside Umeå.

Most of the modules contain visits to different successful research environments. One of the modules contains a study tour to EU funding bodies, and an internationally successful research university.

To every meeting a special resource person will be invited. It can be successful research leaders, relevant experts and specialists, politicians etc.

The learning process is primarily based on collegial sharing of experiences and process oriented, in combination with seminars and lectures as inputs for discussions and for further professional and personal development.


(Planning may be subject to change)

  • Module 1a: Introduction  
  • Module 1b: Present State - my research  
  • Module 1c: Present State - my leadership  
  • Module 2: Strategies for Funding Research  
  • Module 3: Organizing and Governing Research  
  • Module 4: Working with Others  
  • Module 5: Strategies and Visions  
  • Module 6: Influence and Wider Impact of Research  
  • Module 7: Internal Work and Dialogues  
  • Module 8: International Outlook  
  • Module 9: The Future  

Target group for Real step 2

The programme targets a person who is an established research leader and a professor at Umeå University .

You should preferably have graduated more than 10 years ago. You should have at least 10–15 years left of your active research career.

Further criteria

The applicant should also have:

  • good experiences in leading research groups/research networks
  • produced research results with an international impact
  • external research funding
  • experience from other universities
  • a good national and/or international network
  • experience as a research leader and supervisor
  • an emerging vision for the research field and have a strategy for future research, career and outreach activities
  • experience from work in committees, research foundations, evaluation committees and other administrative tasks
  • teaching experience.


ReaL Step 1 - application is open 2 October - 6 November 2023

ReaL Step 2 - application closed

ReaL Step 3 - application opening spring 2025



Project leaders



Anna-Lill Drugge
Associate professor at Department of Language Studies
📞 090- 786 99 43



Jon Moen
Professor, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG)
📞 090- 786 96 47

Therese Holmgren