Collaboration and innovation

Through collaboration, we utilise both our own and our partners' strengths to improve the quality of education and research. By striving for a creative environment where we build new knowledge and benefit from each other's know-how, we also contribute to the development of society.

Collaboration is a way of contributing to the development of society, promoting the exchange of knowledge and strengthening the quality of both research and education. Therefore, Umeå University strives to have well-developed forms of collaboration with, among others, trade and industry, the public and non-profit sectors.

Support for collaboration

The Research Support and Collaboration Office is Umeå University's central support for collaboration and research funding. We both develop and help to introduce various collaboration models in education and research, and also offer broad support for researchers at the university.

We work with collaboration models such as:

Support for innovation and business development

At Umeå University, collaboration and innovation are well integrated in both education and research. We encourage researchers, employees and students to find ways to disseminate their knowledge and research results so that they benefit people and society.

Employees and students can get support and help with:

  • innovation advice
  • resources for innovation development
  • network and competence
  • advice on protecting ideas and research results
  • support in the drafting of certain types of agreements
  • seminars and workshops

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The Research Support and Collaboration Office

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Head of Office
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Research Support Office
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Collaboration Office
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The Innovation Office

Camilla Viklund
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Lena Holmberg