ReaL - Research and leadership programme

The research and leadership programme, ReaL, is a competence and career programme for research leaders at Umeå University. The programme is part of the university's efforts to support researchers' skills and career development, adapted to the career paths available in the new employment scheme.

The objective of the ReaL programme is to act as competence support for researchers at different stages of their careers, which includes:

  • learning and developing skills regarding leadership, especially focusing on research leadership
  • supporting the development of successful research environments, both existing and future environments
  • supporting your individual career development and continuing academic growth.

A specific goal of the initiative is to focus on you as a research leader and develop your ability to combine a high level of creativity with good research leadership.

The programme is divided into three steps depending on where you are in your career, and each step adds to the other. This means that you can choose to participate in only one of the steps, but also that you can take all of them.

Information about the target groups for the different steps Career levels Step 1-3.

Information about the three steps:

ReaL Step 1

ReaL Step 2

ReaL Step 3

All elements in the programme is held in English.

Programme overview 2021-2023



ReaL Step 1 - application will open in spring 2022

ReaL Step 2 - application will open in spring 2022

ReaL Step 3 - no planned start at the moment

contact information

Project leaders



Matts Björklund

Senior consultant, Office for Human Resources
📞 090-786 99 89



Petter Gustafsson

Senior consultant at the Office for Human Resources
📞 090-786 51 59


Administrator Sara Rambe

Sara Rambe