Research and COVID-19

During the pandemic, many initiatives have been taken to promote collaboration and new knowledge in the fight against the coronavirus. However, research projects and applications have also been affected in various ways. This page contains a collection of useful links about research and COVID-19.

EU research funding

The European Commission website on COVID-19 contains an overview of initiatives and calls made in the EU.

To the European Commission

To Funding & tender opportunities concerning COVID-19

To MSCA Community concerning COVID-19

How are EU projects and applications affected?

These pages contain information about, among other things, postponed project start, flexibility for timesheet, and delays in submitting reports due to COVID-19.

Read more about Grant management under COVID-19

Questions and answers from NCP

  • Always contact the Project Officer first
    The Project Officers at the European Commission will look at each case individually and as soon as possible.
  • ERA Corona Platform
    The portal contains an ERA Corona Platform. Click the tab "Search funding & tenders" to view it.
  • Call deadlines
    The platform will be filled with a table of calls with modified deadlines.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of calls
    All follow up and evaluation will take place online. Any costs for travel and equivalent that evaluators have/had may be reimbursed, but first, please check with the insurance company.
  • Tenders (PCPs)
    Tender projects can, just like subcontracting and good works and services, become a problem. The European Commission will be looking at this from case to case. What does the tender contract state? What part of the project is experiencing these problems?
    • Does the supplier need more time? Submit an amendment.
    • Do you need to stop all activity in the project? In that case, use suspension (all activities on hold).
    • If everything is at a standstill due to COVID-19 restrictions, please apply for project extension for the crisis period on EU level and contact the Project Officer.
  • Can a project start be postponed?
    Yes, it is an option.
    • Project start later on > Change date.
    • Already signed GA > Amendment and change date.
    • Project has been started > Work remotely, request an extension or suspension of the implementation via amendment. Please note! This could mean that some costs cannot be replaced.
  • Timesheet signature
    Paper > Wait until current restrictions have eased, but keep check on what work is done.

    Digital > Cannot be signed due to restrictions of working remotely and similar. 1) Scan information/photograph. 2) Send the information to your supervisor for signature via email. Save everything. This will form basis for your digital timesheet.
  • Certificate on Financial Statements (CFS)
    Under COVID-19 circumstances, funding bodies will make final payments even if beneficiaries cannot hand in a certificate on financial statement (CFS) with their final report (see article 20.4, H2020 MGA). The amount, however, will be limited to the threshold of the CFS of EUR 324,999.

    Beneficiaries will receive additional payments when handing in their CFS for the remaining sum covered by the certificate. If a final report is not complete due to other aspects (e.g. that certain tasks have not been completed), the coordinators can request an amendment of up to 6 months to complete the tasks (see FAQ on Project duration). Beneficiaries must still hand in their CFS together with the final report at a later stage.
  • Link to COVID-19 FAQ, European Commission

International research funding and resources

Forska!Sverige has listed all international funding opportunities as well as resources for research and innovation regarding SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.
See the full list

Collaborate via data portal for COVID-19

The European Open Science Cloud Initiative has set up a new online platform. Here, as a researcher, you can share COVID-19 data, accelerate our understanding of the virus, and thus contribute to a faster development of treatments.
Go to the COVID-19 Data Portal


How are national projects and applications affected?

The national research funding bodies are affected by the coronavirus just like other organisations – and they are well aware that conditions change also for researchers. Please visit the funding bodies' websites to learn what is happening to tenders and preparation work.


NOTE! As of September 30, you will find calls concerning COVID-19 on the page Funding calls and announcements

Lena Holmberg