Research funding

Researchers at Umeå University can get qualified support from The Research Support and Collaboration Office. We have information about current calls, can help you develop and express your research ideas, support you in the application process, as well as advice you in economic issues, such as budget, reporting and audits.

The Research Support and Collaboration Office has information about current calls for research funding, and provides support for researchers at Umeå University throughout the entire application process. For instance, we can offer you help developing your project ideas, writing research applications, and give you financial advice during budget calculations and audits.

We offer both individual and group consulting

Our research coordinators and economists can either help you one on one, or during themed informative and educational activitites in larger groups. We provide a variety of different courses and workshops

On the following pages you can find information about Swedish and international research funding opportunities, as well as information regarding the kind of support that can be obtained from The Research Support and Collaboration Office when preparing an application to a specific funder.

Useful documents and templates

If you are an administrator at Umeå University, you can also find information regarding project management and reporting of research funding. In addition, we provide a collection of useful documents and templates for both administrators and researchers.

Please turn to us if you need help regarding:

  • Information about current calls
  • Advice and project idea development
  • Establishing contacts with partners, companies, organisations, and/or other universities
  • Writing research applications
  • Financial advice for budgets and audits
  • Establishment of contracts
  • Documents and templates
  • Guidance on project management

Welcome to contact us at the Research Support and Collaboration Office!

Contact US

Research Support Office
Kristoffer Lindell
Phone: +46 90-786 59 90 

Agneta Hånell Plamboeck
Phone: +46 90-786 56 61

Research Coordinators
Anders Wennström
Phone: +46 90-786 56 57
Mobile: +46 70-272 34 20

Bodil Formark
Mobile: +46 72-714 90 46

Erika Sörensson
Phone: +46 90-786 63 31

Folmer Bokma
Phone: +46 90-786 61 82

Jeanette Bröms
Phone: +46 90-786 66 94

Karl-Erik Renhorn
Phone: +46 90-785 13 28

Carina Forsberg
Post-contract advisor
Phone: 090-786 59 53

Sussi Mikaelsson
Pre-contract advisor
Phone: 090-786 79 29

Legal Counsellors
Maria Karlsson
Phone: 090-786 68 30

Tina Nordström (on parental leave)
Phone: 090-786 92 85

Lena Holmberg