Animal welfare body

Umeå University has an Animal Welfare Body (Djurskyddsorgan, DO) and the role of the Animal Welfare Body is to strengthen the protection of animals used for scientific purposes at Umeå University.

A EU directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (2010/63/EU) was implemented in Swedish law and regulations on January 1, 2013. One of the new requirements of the directive is that each breeder, supplier and user of laboratory animals should have an animal welfare body.

According to the implementation of the EU directive (2010/63/EU) into Swedish legislation the Animal Welfare Body should:

  • Give advice to personnel that handle animals on daily basis about housing and husbandry of laboratory animals.
  • Obtain and review internal routines for monitoring animal welfare and actively work for that good animal care is prioritized.
  • Give advice on how to implement the principles of the 3R (Replace, Reduce and Refine).

To make changes in approved ethical permit

From July 15 2018, a principal investigator who already has an approved and valid ethical permit may apply for changes/amendments of the ethical permit to the Animal Welfare Body (AWB, or Djurskyddsorganet in Swedish) if the change has no adverse effect on animal welfare, more information on how to make amendments on approved ethical permits.


The Medical Faculty Board have appointed the following members to the Animal Welfare Body:

  • Pär Byström
  • Leif Carlsson (right of presence)
  • Sara Forsmark
  • Michael Haney
  • Elisabeth Nilsson
  • Cathrine Persson
  • Anders Thornell (Chair)
  • Constantin Urban
Cathrine Persson