Before arrival checklist

When planning your stay there are many things you need to organise and take care of. The information and checklist can help you take the right steps.

Planning your move

Your host department is your first hand contact and they will assist you with the necessary documents and information needed when planning your move to Sweden. They will also give you an introduction at your workplace and information about local routines. The Human Resources Office offers a supplementary support for international scholarship holders and are also responsible for the central introduction programme held twice a year containing information about the most essential things you need to know. If you are joined by a family they will also get support if needed.

Introduction programme

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Getting settled checklist

Residence permit

A Post Doc with a scholarship is regarded as a researcher. Researchers are exempt work permit in Sweden but must have a "Residence permit for researchers" if the stay is longer than 3 months.

Nordic citizens and EU/EEA citizens

If you are a nordic citizen or EU citizen you do not need a residence permit since you have a right of residence in another EU-country. When entering Sweden, you need a valid passport or ID card showing your citizenship.
Note that EU-citizens must have comprehensive health care insurance to be able to register as a citizen in Sweden! Information below.

Non EU/EEA citizens

To be eligible for a residence permit, you must:

  • have a valid passport (if your passport will expire soon, you should renew it since you cannot get a permit for longer than the validity of your passport)
  • have a hosting agreement - you will get this document from you host department
  • have enough money for your stay in Sweden and to be able to pay your travel home
  • have, or have applied for, comprehensive health insurance (if you will be in Sweden for a maximum of one year - you will get this document from your host department)
  • pay a fee in most cases 

Your permit must be issued before travelling to Sweden.

- If you are in Sweden with a permit for studies, you can apply while you are in Sweden.
- If you have a valid permit in another EU-country you are welcome to visit Sweden as a guest. To reside and work in Sweden you must have applied for and received a residence permit before your arrival.

How to apply - information on the Migration Agency webpage

Non EU citizens from a country who do not need a visa to enter Sweden
If you have been granted a residence permit and can enter Sweden without having your residence card you should visit the Migration Agency as soon as possible after your arrival to complete the application and leave your biometrics. The Migration Agency will inform you about what applies in your case.
Residence permit card


Helpful tips for non EU citizens

  • Your permit can not last longer than the expire date on your passport. 
  • Apply online - paper applications take longer to process
  • To enable the Migration Agency to make a decision on your case, all details must be complete and all the necessary documents must be enclosed. This means that the processing time is shorter if everything required is included from the start, rather than having to provide additional information afterwards. You also need certain documentation from Umeå University.
  • Time to a decision
    To get an idea of how long you will need to wait for a decision, you can visit the site Time to a decision. Please note that the average time shown on the site is calculated on the basis of previous cases in the same category. The time may vary from one application to another.
  • Check your application
    You can see if the Migration Agency has registered your application for residence permit, work permit, etc. You can also see if a decision is made in your case. Check your application
  • If you have accompanying family members
    Each member of your family will be processed individually - make sure that all documentations for all individuals are in order. Family members applications is sent in at the same time as your own if you are all moving at the same time, but it can also be done later.

Register in Sweden to get an Id-number

If you are staying in Sweden for one year or more, you should normally be registered in the Swedish Population Register and receive a Swedish personal identity number. There is a connection between the personal identity number and access to health care.

The Swedish Population Register is administrated by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket. There is lots of useful information at the Tax Agency website for example films about the Swedish population register, how to register to get a Swedish Id number and an id card etc.

Information about moving to Sweden
Swedish Tax Agency website
Address: Sveavägen 12 MAP

How to apply

As soon as you have arrived in Sweden you should visit the Tax Agency´s office and apply for a Swedish personal identity number. If you have accompanying family members you must visit the office together. Depending on your citizenship and if you are alone or with an accompanying family there are specific documents you need to bring with you.


The Swedish Tax Agency assesses whether you can be registered in the population registry. To do so, they take the following into account:

1. If you are staying one year or more

2. If you have the right of residence or a residence permit as a researcher.
- You have this right if you are employed with salary or have a scholarship (self sufficient) and can support yourself financially during your planned stay in Sweden.

NOTE! EU/EEA citizens also need a comprehensive health insurance. This can be verified with a S1-certificate or by a private insurance. It is very important that you prepare this before you apply.
Tax Agency information to scholarship holders

Information about S1-certificate Your Europe

Insurance in Sweden

Umeå University will provide you with an insurance called "Insurance for foreign visitors" via Kammarkollegiet.

It provides 24-hour coverage in Sweden and also throughout the Schengen area if you have a Schengen visa. If you have accompanying family members they are also covered.
Information about the insurance Kammarkollegiet

This insurance provides the following coverage:

  • personal injury protection
  • medical and dental coverage
  • home transport
  • personal property coverage
  • third party liability
  • legal expenses.

When you are registered as a citizen in Sweden and have an id-number you have access to the health care in the same way as Swedes. This means you pay the lower fee when visiting the doctor. The insurance for foreign visitors can give you reimbursement for unforeseen illness and accidents but not planned treatments.

Accompanying family

Dual Career Programme for your accompanying partner
The programme is intended to provide support to your partner/spouse in how to find a jobs or suitable education in Sweden. It is also possible to join a social network for accompanying partners More information

Read more about child care/schools

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