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If you are staying in Sweden for one year or more, you should be registered in the Swedish Population Register and receive a Swedish personal ID-number.

Identity number in Sweden

ID-numbers are administrated by the Swedish Tax Agency, (Skatteverket). The ID-number makes it possible for you to identify yourself in contact with authorities in Sweden, it does not mean that you will pay tax. The Swedish personal ID-number (personnummer) is a "key" to the Swedish society and used for many other purposes such as getting an internet contract at home, applying for a bank account with all features, standing in line for a new housing contract. You also need to be registered with a Personal ID-number to gett full access to health care in Sweden to the same conditions as Swedish citizens.

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How to apply for an ID-number

As soon as you have arrived in Sweden you should visit the Tax Agency´s office and apply for a Swedish personal ID-number. If you have accompanying family members you must visit the office together. Your citizenship and civil status determines which documentation is needed when applying. Make sure to prepare necessary documents.

The Swedish Tax Agency assesses whether you can be registered in the population registry. To do so, they take the following into account:

1. If you are staying one year or more

2. If you have the right of residence or a residence permit as a researcher. You fulfill this right if you have a scholarship (self sufficient) and can support yourself financially during your planned stay in Sweden. 

3. EU/EEA citizens also need a comprehensive health insurance. This can be verified with a S1-certificate or certificate of a private insurance. It is very important that the insurance is valid for one year from the day you apply. An EHIC card does not meet the requirements.

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Swedish Tax Agency Office website
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