On arrival checklist

Arriving in a new country can be challenging. New routines, unfamiliar rules and situations that might differ from your previous experience. It is of great importance for us that you get a smooth start here and a good introduction at your new workplace.


Your host Department is responsible for arranging your work space, along with an IT account that gives you access to the Internet, e-mail and the University server.

Getting settled checklist

Depending on your citizenship, if you come alone or with a family, there are different things to sort out during your first weeks upon arrival.

1. Register as a resident in Sweden
As soon as possible after your arrival you should visit the Tax Agency Office and apply for an id-number (personnummer) in Sweden. This number is an identification number and important for you to have during your stay. It will give you access to health care to the same fee as Swedes and also the possibility to open a bank account will all features. You will need it to register for accommodation and to log in and handle private issues online.

Information about moving to Sweden
Address: Sveavägen 12 MAP

Important information to EU citizens!

As a scholarship holder you are regarded to be "self-sufficient". When applying for a Swedish ID-number you must submit proof that you have comprehensive health insurance for at least one year. Bring a S1-certificate from your home countrys social insurance agency or a certificate of a private insurance. Without comprehensive health insurance you will be denied an id-number. It is not recommended to stay in Sweden without id-number.
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2. Visit the Migration Agency if you need to complete your application and leave your biometrics. See before arrival checklist for information.

3. Open a bank account
You can visit any bank to opening a bank account. If you have the right to live in Sweden (proven by a valid permit or right of residence) you should be able to open a bank account. Since banks must follow certain rules it happens that those who have not yet received a Swedish id-number (and Swedish id-card) are rejected.

Getting access to your scholarship without having a Swedish bank account
If you have an internal scholarship paid by Umeå University we can transfer your money to a bank account in your home country if you have one. This is not possible for external scholarships where the stipend is paid directly to you and is not handled by Umeå Universit.
For example; Kempestiftelserna requires that you have a Swedish bank account and do not accept any other account. Since the time for handling your application for an id-number and id-card can take a long time we recommend you to have a plan for you economic situation during the first weeks.

Guidance to opening a bank account

4. Apply for a Swedish ID-card
When you have received your Swedish id number you can apply for a Swedish id-card. You need an id-card to open a bank account in Sweden with full features. Read more

5. Get a home insurance
As soon as you have your Swedish id number you should contact an insurance company and get a home insurance. This will give you additional protection when travelling and for things in your home. Ask your HR or supervisor for information about insurance companies.

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