As an employee at Umeå University you are covered by a number of different insurance policies. More information about the different insurances is found under each title.

If you need further information or have any queries, please contact your payroll administrator.


Work Injury Insurance and Personal Injury Insurance (PSA) for employees

Work Injury Insurance
If you are injured at work, the work injury insurance can provide compensation for dental care special aids that you need following the injury. If the injury results in a reduction in your capacity to work that becomes permanent, you may also receive an annuity.

What to do if you are injured 
If you are injured, you can apply for compensation from Försäkringskassan. For more detailed information about the insurance, visit the Swedish Social Insurance Agency website
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Please remember
The work injury insurance does not apply when you are on holiday or taking time off. If you suffer an accident at work when you are actually on holiday, this does not qualify as a work injury. In this case, you will need to have private accident insurance.

Personal injury insurance
The personal injury insurance covers you if you are injured at work. You can receive compensation, in some cases, for the following:

  • loss of income during periods of acute illness
  • pain and suffering
  • medical costs and other expenses
  • physical disability or other permanent disability
  • other problems
  • future costs, loss of income in the event of disability

In the event of death as a result of a work injury, compensation is paid to the surviving beneficiaries for funeral expenses.

What to do if you are injured
If you suffer an accident or work injury, you should report this to your head of department or chief health and safety representative at your workplace. The employer is required to report the injury to The Swedish Social Insurance Agency by completing an injury report and then sending it to the Registrar's office at Umeå University.

If you want to seek financial compensation ask your HR administrator for help to complete the claim form. More about the work-related injury compensation PSA, read here
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Please remember
The personal injury insurance policy does not apply when you are on holiday or taking time off in lieu. If you suffer an accident at work when you are actually on holiday, this does not qualify as a work injury. In this case, you will need to have private accident insurance.

Work insurance during Covid-19 - working from home

During the Corona pandemic, many have been encouraged to work from home. Injuries that occur in the home are in principle assessed according to the same rules as in the event of injury at work. What determines whether it is a work injury or not has to do with how the injury occurred.

Unlike working at the workplace, the injury must have a direct connection with the work you are performing. This means that in order to classify it as a work injury, it must have to occured while you are performing your working duties.

For example, it could be:

  • If you stumble on your work computor cord
  • Work done on the computer, answering work related e-mails, talking on the phone with a colleague or other work related person
  • Moving around the home while talking on the employer's phone with a colleague or other work related person
  • During working hours, travelling from your home to work to attend a work related meeting
  • Travelling to work to pick up a computer / phone / letter
  • Walk-and-talk meetings if the nearest manager has given his/her approval

Business travel insurance

The insurance policy cover applies to all domestic and international business travel on behalf of the State authority. It applies during the entire period of absence from the place of employment or home or other place where the business journey begins or ends. 

The business travel insurance covers:

All employees of a state authority who are travelling on government business.

Consultants who are carrying out an assignment on behalf of an authority and who are not employed by a consultancy, for example postdoctoral fellows on scholarship

All doctoral students (postgraduate students) travelling on government business.

Read more about the Business Travel Insurance on Kammarkollegiets homepage. Information

When travelling to countries outside the EU or non convention countries, you should bring with you a Personal Insurance card. Contact your Human Resources support for help or the Payroll administration at Human Resources.

Falck Global Assistance
If you are in need of emergency assistance when abroad, for example if you are admitted to the hospital or need home transport, you must contact our assistance company Falck Global Assistance. 

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached at the following:

Telephone: +46 8 587 71749

Occupational group life insurance

As an employee, you are insured through a service group life insurance. You are insured throughout your employment.

The insurance provides a fixed sum for funeral assistance to your husband, wife or partner and children and applies from the day you come to the workplace and as long as you are employed, but no longer than 65 years of age. The insurance also applies during holidays, sickness and leave. 

Important to remember
There are some things that are important to consider when it comes to service group life insurance. Remember to tell your loved ones that you have life insurance at work. You can change who gets the reimbursement from your life insurance at any time.

Guests, scholarship holders and employees without a Swedish identity number

Guest researchers and postdoctoral fellows with a scholarship are covered in a 24-hour insurance called "Insurance for foreign visitors 01/01/2018" This insurance also covers accompanying family members and employees who does not yet have a Swedish identity number.

The insurance replaces necessary and reasonable costs for emergency medical and dental care. The insurance applies during direct travel between the home country and Sweden, and around the clock in Schengen if the insured has a Schengen visa issued by the Swedish expatriate authority. If the insured does not have a Schengen visa, the insurance only applies in Sweden. For business travels on behalf of Umeå University the State Business Travel Insurance applies.

More information about Insurance for foreign visitors 01/01/2018 on  Kammarkollegiets homepage

EHIC card (EU-card)

When travelling on a business trip within EU you should bring with you an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC-card/EU-card).

This is a free card that gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country.
To be eligible for a card, you must be insured by or covered by a state social security system in any Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

People from non-EU countries who are legally residing in the EU and are covered by a state social security scheme are also eligible for a card. However, nationals from non-EU countries cannot use their EHIC for medical treatment in Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

After you have been sucessfully registered as living in Sweden and recieved a 10-digit Swedish personal identity number you can order an European Health Insurance Card, EHIC-card. Learn more

If you become acutely sick while abroad but do not have your EHIC with you can contact us at +46 771-524 524 or for a provisional replacement certificate. You or your care provider must provide your Swedish personal identity number.

Försäkringskassans information about EU-card
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URA insurance

Umeå University has taken out collective insurance for employees who are stationed abroad. The insurance includes, among other things, personal injury insurance that corresponds to a travel insurance.

The insurance covers the accompanying family who meet the requirements and are enrolled in the URA agreement.
The insurance does not contain any property protection, but it is possible to take out supplementary property insurance.

Read more about the insurance
Terms and conditions

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Liability insurance

Umeå University holds business insurance that protects the university's property and reimburses costs associated with any damage.

The insurance consists of the following four elements:

  • Property insurance, which protects the university's property.
  • Consequential loss insurance, which covers the additional costs incurred as a result of property damage and loss of earnings for activities funded through commissions.
  • Liability insurance, which covers the university's liability to pay compensation and also reimburses certain other costs.
  • Business insurance supplements, which protect, for example, art or other valuable equipment on temporary loan.

What to do if damage occurs
If damage has occurred, you should contact the university's Head of Security as soon as possible. The damage must then be reported to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency within one month. This must be done in writing in order to be covered by the business insurance.

Please remember
It is a prerequisite for the payment of compensation that you have demonstrated due diligence, for example, by locking away or securing theft-prone equipment, or by having regular maintenance performed on the equipment.

More detailed information and the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency's website.
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Private insurance for leisure time

Everybody living in Sweden shoud arrange a private insurance such as a home insurance and an insurance for accidents.
These insurances will protect you around the clock and be a very important complement to your other insurances. Both employees and guests/fellows are recommended to get additional insurances.

Contact an insurance company for more information.

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