Umeå University’s pedagogical qualification model

Umeå University’s model for pedagogical qualification was introduced in 2013 and has been revised twice. The current model is valid from 2016-07-01 and onwards.

The model has two levels: qualified and excellent teacher. Pedagogical qualification is a two-step process. The application for appointment as an excellent teacher may only be submitted by teachers who have previously been appointed as a qualified teacher. Each level has a number of criteria regarding pedagogical skills. In order to be appointed, all criteria of the level in question must be met. An appointment renders a raise for the applicant. This raise is decided annually by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Pedagogical qualification board, consisting of members from each faculty, has the overall responsibility regarding quality. Decisions on appointments in the model for pedagogical qualification are made by each faculty.

Persons are eligible to apply if they are employed by Umeå University and have at least 5 years of teaching experience at a higher education institution, equivalent to at least 2 years of full time teaching, and higher education teaching training/expertise over and above that which is required for employment as a teacher at UmU.

How to apply

The application should consist of:

  • a CV
  • a statement from the Head of Department regarding eligibility
  • an account of pedagogical qualifications - see Instructions for applicants

The application is made via the e-recruitment system (links are found below).
The application will be received by each faculty. For every complete application one pedagogical expert will be appointed for applications to qualified teacher and two pedagogical experts for excellent teacher.

After the Pedagogical qualification board has received the expert statements they will give their suggestions for the faculty to decide upon. The Faculty then makes the decision on whether the appointment will take place.

Teachers who want guidance of how to make a pedagogical portfolio or be an assessor of pedagogical skills can turn to UPL. Questions regarding applications and results of the decisions will be handled by each Faculty Office.


Links to the e-recruitment system

Faculty Diarienumber Link for application
Arts  A.N 2.2.2-904-19 Apply
Medicine  A.N 2.2.2-905-19 Apply
Social sciences  A.N 2.2.2-906-19 Apply
Science and technology  A.N 2.2.2-907-19 Apply

More information about how to apply can be found in the documents Call for applications and Instructions for applicants under the headline Advertisement.