Fitness card

Fitness card

Umeå University sees fitness as helping us feel better both physically and mentally. As an employee at Umeå University, you can therefore get a discounted fitness card at Umeå Sport & Motion, USM. The agreement with USM is valid until 31 August 2018.

A fitness card at USM costs SEK 145 per month and is valid for all three premises, at Utopia and Navet, located in the centre of Umeå, and in Mariehem. The card is paid for through a monthly salary deduction of SEK 145.

In order to be eligible for the discounted fitness card, you must at least have a three-month employmenet at Umeå University with a level of occupation of at least 20 per cent from the application date and onwards. You must also receive your paycheck from Umeå University itself. The offer also applies to those who are on full parental leave or sick leave. When you apply for a card, you also agree that the Payroll administration sends information about you to USM. The fitness card has a contract time of 12 months that starts the day your application is registered. It is not possible to cancel the card during the contract time.

The card is personal and may not be lent, sold or transferred.

The fitness card at USM has been procured by the University. This means that the University cannot provide any reimbursement for exercise cards at other facilities or other forms of exercise.

USM in Utopia.

Photo: Mattias Pettersson

Apply for a fitness card at USM

If you want to apply for a fitness card at USM you can click the link below.

Apply for a fitness card.

Follow the instructions regarding employees at Umeå university. (The instructions are unfortunately only available in Swedish).

USM will then notify you via your umu email to let you know when your card can be collected at USM.

Staff employed by Umeå University based outside Umeå

If you work anywhere other than in Umeå, you can get a fitness card (annual card) in the place where you work. The university will reimburse you for 75 per cent of the cost of the card.

In order to receive reimbursement, you need to have a job lasting at least three months with a level of occupation of at least 20 per cent.

You pay for your fitness card yourself and then apply for reimbursement from the university. Fill in the form "Räkning utlägg - Expense claim LA05b" and send it together with your original receipt to:

Christer Åkerberg
Human Resources department
SE-901 87 UMEÅ

Fitness reimbursement

As of 1 September 2018, Umeå University is offering a fitness reimbursement to all employees. Read more about the fitness reimbursement here.

How to find usm

USM Utopia is located on Skolgatan 62 A, on the top floor in the Utopia shopping centre. The entrance is found from Vasaplan.

USM Navet is located above the public bath Navet on Västa Kyrkogatan. The entrance is to the left of Navet's main entrance.

USM Mariehem is located at Mariehemsvägen 10 E.

Read more about USM


For queries about eligibility and salary

Please turn to your payroll specialist

For queries about the form in PASS

Birgitta Berglund, system and payroll specialist, Office for Human Resources

Torbjörn Carlsson, payroll specialist, Office for Human Resources

For queries about problems with CAS log in

Please turn to Servicedesk

For queries about fitness cards

Christer Åkerberg, development consultant, Office for Human Resources


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